Chamber approves basic text of the project that regulates sports betting

Chamber approves basic text of the project that regulates sports betting

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The president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL).| Photo: Bruno Spada/Chamber of Deputies.

During this Wednesday’s session (13), the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved the basic text of Bill 3626/23, which regulates and taxes sports betting through a fixed quota, such as so-called “bets”. The deputies voted on the substitute presented by the rapporteur of the matter, deputy Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA).

The rapporteur’s substitute modifies the original proposal and leaves gaps that make gambling viable and create the possibility of opening physical places to place bets.

According to the president of the National Association of Lotteries, Bruno Lobato, the project creates unfair competition with lotteries, which will put the survival of the sector at risk.

“They will be able to create as if it were a modern casino, anywhere in the country, without any type of limit. Just pay the grant and do it,” she commented.

Furthermore, critics of the project warn that the rapporteur did not take into account the social and economic impacts that can be caused by gaming addiction.

The opposition also complained about the lack of time to analyze the proposal. The bill was presented by the Lula government as an emergency. Now, the project goes to a vote in the Federal Senate.

In 2018, during Michel Temer’s government, a law was approved that allowed sports betting in Brazil, which would later be regulated. Five years later, there is still no regulation approved on the subject.

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