Carnival program with more than 10 free attractions shakes up the North Zone of Manaus

Carnival program with more than 10 free attractions shakes up the North Zone of Manaus


Carnival of Joy entertains the capital of Amazonas

Manaus (AM) — The special program for the “Carnaval da Alegria” party starts this Sunday (11), from 6 pm, and continues until next Carnival Tuesday, February 14, with more than 10 free attractions for all ages, in the front parking lot of Shopping Manaus ViaNorte.

The event begins with a children’s dance, starting at 6pm, led by Bicuço Produções Artísticas, which will perform with theatrical and circus characters, to the delight of the children.

From 8pm onwards, the show begins by the band that has been the biggest success wherever it goes, “No Sigilo”, with a repertoire full of forró. At 9pm, there’s the band Freelance and, at 11pm, Na Pegada.

In addition to lots of music, the “Carnaval da Alegria” will also have stalls selling typical foods. On Monday, February 12th, the party will feature singer George Japa, who is one of the music phenomena in Amazonas, drawing crowds to his shows. In fact, he recently released, together with singer Márcia Novo, the hit “Surubim”, one of the rhythms of carnival in the State.

At 9pm there will be DJ Evandro Jr and the band SambaXote, creating a mix of rhythms with forró, xote and samba. To end the night, at 11pm, there is a show by the band Feras do Forró.

On Carnival Tuesday, February 13th, the anchor stores and the Food Court will be open from 12pm to 9pm. Satellite stores and kiosks will open from 2pm to 9pm. The revelry on this day begins at 7pm with the famous singer from Ceará, based in Amazonas, Jucinha Kero Kero, who has approximately 25 years of career. At 9pm, the group Forró du Gavião takes the stage and, at 11pm, the band Feras do Forró.

“Our proposal is to provide fun, safely and responsibly, for people who live in the North Zone of Manaus. Therefore, we are holding the Carnival of Joy, with several free attractions for the population, as well as a special dance for children. Prepare your fantasy to have fun here with us”,

declares the Marketing Manager of Shopping Manaus ViaNorte, Vinicius Teixeira.

On Ash Wednesday, February 14th, all stores and food courts will open from 12pm and close at 10pm.

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