Brazil has the potential to become a global reference in the production of renewable energy

Brazil has the potential to become a global reference in the production of renewable energy



Renato Machado Monaro analyzes the importance of renewable sources such as offshore wind farms to replace polluting energy

The Center for Research and Innovation in Greenhouse Gases (RCGI) studies technologies to integrate offshore wind farms into the country’s electricity grid. Renato Machado Monaro, professor at the Polytechnic School (Poli) of the University of São Paulo (USP), one of the founders and member of the research group at the Advanced Electric Grids Laboratory (LGRID) and coordinator of the research project into offshore transmission technologies on the Brazilian coast (TransBRcoast), talks about the progress of the project and its objectives. The information is from Jornal Usp.

According to the professor, Brazil has a high potential for producing offshore wind energy, which is obtained via the force of the wind that blows offshore. Therefore, he states that investment in the implementation and studies of this type of clean energy is essential, including the search for ways to bring this potential to offshore wind turbines, which are located within the continent.

According to the expert, practically the entire Brazilian coast has profitable offshore energy projects, with emphasis on states such as Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.

“We have around 92 licensing requests for offshore parks in the country, totaling around 220 gigawatts. So, there is a significant number of companies interested in developing these projects”,



According to Monaro, one of the objectives of the project is to power oil exploration platforms with offshore energy to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. He states that this polluting energy is currently used to supply the structure’s electrical processes and the aim is to connect the energy produced by wind turbines and connect it to the platforms via submarine cables to reduce the levels of pollution produced in this sector.

“This is a 36-month project and we are in the tenth, so there are still around 26 months to go. We are in the phase of understanding where these ventures are, what these technologies are and we already have a team of around 12 researchers involved in the project and in the search for these answers”, he explains.

Success of renewable energy

According to Renato Machado Monaro, the path to clean energy production is a global trend and Brazil needs to continue this research to maintain a strategic position in the development of energy production from wind, sun and biomass. He also states that any minimum efficiency achieved from a wind farm should already be valued, as it presents better results in terms of reducing atmospheric pollution.

“Brazil needs and must continue with this for sure and we have a window, because all countries are persecuting us, this is a trend across the globe, among all nations. Brazil has a strategic position, we are in a condition envied by others and if we make our development face this problem seriously and move forward, guaranteeing leadership in this type of sector for a long time, Brazil can be a protagonist and a leader in this area of ​​renewable energy”, he concludes.

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