Black Friday: Pão de Açúcar brings discounted beers – 11/16/2023 – Full Cup

Black Friday: Pão de Açúcar brings discounted beers – 11/16/2023 – Full Cup

Campos do Jordão, Piracicaba and Ribeirão Preto. Argentina, Germany and the United States. The Pão de Açúcar chain has selected a selection of beers from a variety of origins for Black Friday this Friday (17).

The discounts vary according to the label and the promotion is only valid for the chain’s physical stores — and, in principle, only on Fridays.

The beer with the biggest discount is Baden Baden, from Campos do Jordão, which belongs to the Heineken portfolio. The Cristal (pilsen), Witbier and IPA labels will be sold for 50% of the value, both in the can version (from R$ 6.38 for R$ 3.19) and in the 600 ml bottle (from R$ 14.98 per R$ 7.49).

Argentine Patagonia, from the Ambev group, received a 40% discount on the Weisse, IPA and Bohemian Pilsener versions, always in a 350 ml can (from R$5.75 to R$3.45) — unfortunately for this blogger, the The brand’s Amber Lager was left out of the promotion.

The classic session IPA Midway, from Goose Island (a Chicago brewery that is also part of the Ambev portfolio), will have a 30% reduction this Friday, from R$6.98 to R$4.89.

Labels from Paulaner, Leuven and Colorado are also part of the promotion. Check it out below.

  • Baden Baden Cristal, IPA or Witbier: from R$6.38 to R$3.19 (350 ml can)
  • Baden Baden Cristal, IPA or Witbier: from R$ 14.98 to R$ 7.49 (600 ml bottle)
  • Patagonia Bohemian Pilsener, IPA or Weisse: from R$5.75 to R$3.45 (350 ml can)
  • Praya Witbier: from R$14.98 to R$8.99 (600 ml bottle)
  • Goose Island Midway: from R$6.98 to R$4.89 (350 ml can)
  • Leuven Belgian IPA Dragon: from R$20.55 to R$14.39 (500 ml bottle)
  • Paulaner Dunkel: from R$19.55 to R$13.69 (500 ml bottle)
  • Paulaner Hefe-weiss: from R$22.41 to R$15.69 (500 ml bottle)
  • Colorado Demoiselle, Appia or Indica: from R$ 13.98 to R$ 9.79 (600 ml bottle)
  • Colorado Cauim: from R$ 14.27 to R$ 9.99 (600 ml bottle)

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