Online access to exam results in Manaus

Online access to exam results in Manaus


Semsa also offers, via regulation, electrocardiograms (ECG) and various ultrasound exams

Manaus (AM) – As a way of ensuring the convenience of users, the City of Manaus is providing online access to the results of imaging tests carried out in the units of the Municipal Health Department (Semsa). The digital service is available on the secretariat’s website, which has been offering access, via the internet, to the results of clinical analyzes carried out by the district laboratories of the municipal health network for six years.

Semsa’s Diagnostic Support Manager, Ana Paula Neves, informs that online access is available for mammograms and X-ray exams, with results made available on the digital platform within an average period of 24 hours to 48 hours.

“The user now has the option of receiving the result through the Semsa website, in digital form, or at the unit where they took the exam, already printed, thus having greater ease and convenience in accessing the material”,


Ana Paula emphasizes that, in the case of mammograms, users must choose to receive the image printed on film, immediately after the exam, and later download the report and image in digital form, or receive all printed material at the basic reference unit . This procedure is required because the delivery of mammography exams printed on paper is not accepted, due to the low resolution and contrast of the image, according to current regulations from the Ministry of Health (MS).

To obtain reports and images of exams carried out at Semsa units, via the internet, the user must access the website and click on the “Exam Result” tab. On the next screen, simply enter the login and password shown on the receipt given at the time of the procedure to view and download the digital content.


Among the graphic and imaging procedures carried out by Semsa, via the Regulation System (Sisreg), various X-ray exams are offered in eight units of the secretariat, and mammograms, in six units.

“This service already existed and was expanded, today being entirely online, digitalized, with an average time of 24 to 48 hours for delivery of the result”,

points out Ana Paula, highlighting that the six mammography equipment currently used at Semsa are all new, with just over three months of installation, being maintained by the secretariat on a lending basis. In addition to these, the secretariat operates three more mammography machines in the Mobile Women’s Health Units.

Semsa also offers, via regulation, electrocardiograms (ECG) and various ultrasound exams, with users having access to the results at the time of the procedure. According to Ana Paula, ECGs are currently carried out in 17 health units and ultrasounds in 12 units, with plans to expand to another seven.

The municipal department also offers clinical analyzes of blood, feces and urine, with 97 collection points distributed across the basic health network. The collected material is analyzed in Semsa’s four district laboratories, located in the North, East, West and South zones of the city. The results can also be obtained online, through

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