Amazonian artists detail preparation for Musigatos Musical Show

Amazonian artists detail preparation for Musigatos Musical Show


Under the general direction of Amazonian artists Kennedy Fialho and Ítala Lima, the show ‘Espectáculo Musical Musigatos’ has begun the production phase and its launch is scheduled for the second half of 2024. The artists also write the show’s dramaturgy and perform the songs.

Singer Kennedy Fialho reveals that the first inspirations for the work “Musigatos” came from adopting an abandoned kitten on a street in the capital of Amazonas.

“I have never raised cats in my life, when I saw that fragile kitten in need of a home it was such a passion at first. She became a cuddle for me and from there came the first song called ‘Chamego Meu’. I decided to write other songs and, when I saw it, there were already seven (7) songs, because cats have seven lives”, recalls the singer.

Kennedy reveals that he is happy that the work will take the form of a musical show and tells the public that Musigatos will have a new song, released soon on digital platforms. “This song is the icing on the cake of the show, it’s called Astrogato and will close the show leaving a message of reflection and hope for everyone who attends.”

Ítala Lima, who is an actress, singer and cultural producer of the show, says that Musigatos will take to the stage the story of a group of animals who live on the streets of Manaus and are looking for a home.

“In this show, the animals have a ‘voice’ and literally speak. From fragile beings, they transform into strong figures with the mission to change their own destiny and alert humans to how much of a difference they can make when dealing with animals and nature,” he explains.

The production will stand out on the State’s cultural agenda due to the artistic languages ​​that will be presented to the public, as music, theater and dance come together in the show.

“Musigatos involves several professionals from the culture chain: actors, musicians, dancers, event production and communication professionals. So, working with a team like this, without a doubt, means being sure that the show will be created by many incredible hands and the result is a remarkable production for those who attend”, adds the actress.

The show ‘Musigatos Musical Show’ is organized by Sol do Norte Produções Culturais through the Paulo Gustavo Federal Incentive Law, with support from the Government of the State of Amazonas, the State Council of Culture, the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy and the Federal Government , through the Public Notice for Promotion of Arts and Culture.

Accessibility at the Show

With an unprecedented presentation, the show that takes place in the second half of 2024 will offer physical, attitudinal and communicational accessibility measures, in addition to resources such as Brazilian sign language – Libras and audio description.

The public can now follow the songs that will be presented in the show on the following platforms: Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Itunes, among others. For more information about the show, visit and follow the Instagram page @soldonorteproducoes and @musigatos


Among the participants who make up the project’s technical sheet are the artist Cleciano Cardoso (artistic director and actor), the dancer Ângela Araújo (body and choreography direction), Jussara Fialho (actress), Waliston Albert (vocal trainer and musical direction), Messias Santos (drummer and musical direction), Gentile Vieira (guitarist), Andryw Santos (bassist) and Rud Salles (guitarist).

Publicist Dayna Bezerra (show production director and communications center coordinator) works in the production of the event in partnership with marketing Rodrigo Franco (production assistant and communication and accessibility coordinator). The communications team also includes journalists Deiny Sousa (press advisor) and Ana Clara Sena (social media). The visual communication for the Musigatos show is designed by designer Ana Paula Dutra (visual communication), with images by photographer Fran Farias.

Understand the trajectory of the “Musigatos” project

2020 – Montage of the excerpt from the musical show ‘Musigatos: How everything began’: original and unpublished text by Amazonian artists Ítala Lima and Kennedy Fialho.

2021- Official launch of the Musigatos EP: with a totally innovative project, the first 7 tracks of the musical were created, created by composer Kennedy Fialho and performed by him and singer Ítala Lima.

2023- Some of the songs are released in single format on the main digital platforms: the public can follow the songs that will be presented in the show on digital platforms.

2024- Show ‘Espectáculo Musical Musigatos’ begins its production in Manaus: at this stage all the preparation of the artists takes place in the Sol do Norte Produções Culturais studio. The complete EP is now available on the main digital music platforms.


Kennedy Fialho

Kennedy Fialho is an artist from Amazonas, he began his career as a composer participating in university music festivals at the former Federal Center for Technological Education of Amazonas (CEFET-AM). He had songs recorded by renowned local artists such as: Maklin, Kayza Marques, Paulo Aquino, Pérola Negra and Nonato do Cavaquinho. His first authorial album “Som em Poesia” was released in 2019 with a show at Teatro da Instacção in the same year.

As an actor, he participated in the production and musical direction in partnership with musician Eliberto Barroncas of the musical show “O Casamento da Filha de Mapinguari”, one of the most traditional Street Theater shows in Manaus. Kennedy has released several music videos available on his channel

Itala Lima

Ítala is a singer, actress and cultural producer. The artist from Manaus also has a degree in Journalism and Advertising and has been working in the communication and culture market for 14 years. She began her journey in music as a teenager, at the age of 16, participating in Christian music festivals and the traditional Sesc Calouros music festival. She worked as an actress at the Vitória Régia Theater Company in street and stage theater performances; she participated as an actress in the environmental education audiovisual project ‘Jornal Natural’, from the Amazon Museum (Musa), broadcast on State Government TV; She performed as an actress in musical shows. In 2022, she also acted in the short film “Minha Window”.

Among his musical projects are: the EP Palco de Improviso which exalts love, serenade and romantic pop (2015), The musical spectacle CD O casamento da Filha de Mapinguari, interpretando diversas canções, entre elas, a cançãoNew Moon’.

Musigatos is his first authorial work. In her new phase as a playwright and director, Ítala also plays the cat Neve in the show.

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