VIP lounges at Guarulhos airport: find out how to access – 12/06/2023 – Tourism

VIP lounges at Guarulhos airport: find out how to access – 12/06/2023 – Tourism

Previously restricted to business class passengers, VIP lounges experienced a boom in 2023. At Guarulhos airport alone, every two months, on average, a new space of this type was opened.

The wave of openings responds to an increase in the number of passengers (the number accumulated until October grew 21% compared to the previous period) and also to the expansion of access to credit cards that offer the benefit (see at the end of the article how to obtain it) .

With more eligible passengers, the lounges have become increasingly full – as have the main international destinations. Therefore, some now offer scheduling and others have even more restricted access, creating a kind of “VIP of the VIP”.

But despite the veneer of exclusivity, waiting for the flight like a “very important person” is only worth it if the perks compensate for the cost of access, which is not always free: it can cost money, even if it is as an annual card fee.

See a guide to the VIP lounges in Guarulhos. Unless otherwise indicated, all have an open bar offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Terminal 1

W Premium Lounge
Accepts people who have cards with the LoungeKey, Priority Pass or Visa Airport Companion programs. It also receives customers from C6 Bank, Inter, Sisprime and Credicoamo. Offers shower service paid separately (R$ 55). Serves snacks, sandwiches and small starters. Single access costs R$ 180 (3 hours).
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 91372-2659.

Term. 2 – land side

Plaza Premium Lounge
Next to check-in D, there is a small room that accepts Visa Airport Companion and DragonPass. It only serves snacks, savory snacks and fruit. Single access for R$115 (1h) or R$175 (3h).
Daily, from 5am to 10pm. (11) 93420-4493.

Urban Cowork Airport
Next to check-in E, serves water, tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks. There is a common lounge and a more reserved one, with reclining armchairs, for those who want to sleep. Accepts Priority Pass and LoungeKey. Plans for separate access range from R$ 135 (3 hours) to R$ 295 (12 hours) — all with a shower included. There are also two private pet-friendly rooms for families of up to four people (R$470 for 3 hours or R$630 for 6 hours). Children aged 5 to 10 pay half price.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 2445-2840 or (11) 91438-3603.

Terminal 2 – airside

Advantage VIP Lounge
Recently opened, it has a buffet with fruits, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes and sweets. It houses an area for children, and a space called VIP Plus, included in the access of selected cards — it offers more reserved spaces, with a different menu and a bathroom with shower, but without the amenities. LoungeKey and Priority Pass customers access the lounge. Single access costs R$ 180 (3 hours).
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 2445-3339.

Bradesco VIP Lounge
Although small, it has a good view of the planes. It offers a buffet with snacks, savory snacks and small portions of salads and hot dishes. Bring a shower at no additional cost. Bradesco Visa Aeternum, The Centurion Card, The Platinum Card, Elo Diners Club and Elo Nanquim cardholders have access — with the right to a companion, in addition to children up to 16 years old, at no extra cost.
Daily, from 6am to 11pm. (11) 2445-4574

Gol Premium Lounge
The airline maintains two lounges in Guarulhos: one domestic and one international. Both have a buffet with fruits, snacks, sandwiches and sweets, as well as bathrooms with showers at no additional cost. Open to customers in higher categories of the Smiles program or holders of Gol Smiles Visa Infinite or Platinum cards. Those who fly in Gol’s premium economy or in executive flights on AirFrance and KLM have free access. Accepts Priority Pass, LoungeKey, Dragon Pass and Diners Club.
Domestic: daily from 6am to midnight. (11) 2445-3929; International: daily from 5am to 1am. (11) 2445-3107

Plaza Premium Lounge
Overlooking the runway, it is among the largest rooms at the airport. The buffet is complete and there is à la carte service, a kids’ area, sun loungers and bathrooms with showers — R$70, paid separately. Visa Airport Companion and DragonPass accepted. Single access costs from R$140 (1h) to R$215 (2h) and includes a shower.
Daily, from 5am to 11pm. (11) 93420-4493.

The Lounge São Paulo
Small, it offers a buffet with snacks, fruits, sweets, sandwiches and savory snacks, as well as à la carte service. It has a rest room, kids space and bathroom with shower at no additional cost. Accepts Priority Pass, LoungeKey and allows individual access for R$200 — each paying adult is entitled to free access for a child up to 11 years old. Unlike most rooms, there is no limit on how long you can stay.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 94315-4915.

The Lounge SkyTeam
The only international room in T2 besides the Gol lounge, it offers a buffet and à la carte menu, kids space and shower at no additional cost. Priority Pass and LoungeKey customers, and business class passengers on SkyTeam alliance companies (Aerolíneas Argentinas, AirEuropa, AirFrance, Delta, ITA and KLM) have access, even if the flight departs from T3 — consider that the walk between terminals takes 20 minutes each way. Single access costs R$200, and children up to 11 years old are free. There is no permanence limit.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 96912-1458

VIP Lounge Inter
Also recently opened, it is exclusive to Inter bank customers who have a Black or Black Win card (with high investments in the bank). The buffet is small, but has fresh items and hot dishes. Offers bath.
Daily, 24 hours.

W Premium Lounge
Overlooking the aircraft apron, it serves snacks, savory, sweet and hot dishes. It also offers a shower service paid separately, for R$55. LoungeKey, Priority Pass and Visa Airport Companion customers, as well as those from banks C6, Inter, Sisprime and Credicoamo, have access. Single access for R$280 (3h). Children up to two years old do not pay.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 91372-2659.

Terminal 3

Admirals Club
Large room with a varied buffet, with sandwiches, savory snacks, sweets and hot dishes. Passengers in business or first class on American Airlines and companies in the OneWorld alliance (British, Iberia and Qatar) have access. Single access costs US$79 (around R$390).
Daily, from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Bradesco Cards Lounge
Opened at the beginning of 2023, it offers the same options as its sister in terminal 2, but for international passengers in terminal 3. The access criteria are also the same.
Daily, 24 hours.

Banco Safra Space
It is among the most complete rooms, with a varied buffet and free baths. Safra Visa Infinite customers and business passengers from TAP, Lufthansa, Swiss, Turkish, United, Copa, Air Canada, ITA and Emirates airlines have access. Single access costs US$45 (around R$220) — children up to 2 years old do not pay.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 2445-7339/7338

Latam VIP Lounge
Among the largest rooms in the terminal, there is a buffet with a variety of options and showers at no additional cost. Latam Platinum, Black and Black Signature customers and Itaucard Latam Pass Mastercard Black or Visa Infinite cardholders have access. It also accepts Dragon Pass and individual access for US$ 70 (around R$ 345, up to 3 hours) or US$ 140 (R$ 690, for more than 3 hours).
Daily, 24 hours

The brand maintains three rooms in the terminal, all for Mastercard Black card holders. The main one, on the Duty Free mezzanine, has more food options, including hot dishes; on the ground floor, the lounge accommodates faster tickets, with options to take away. There is also The Club, the airport’s most recent and exclusive lounge, which receives only 50 passengers at a time, offering à la carte meals and views of the aircraft on the apron. In the latter, access is restricted to customers invited by the card issuing banks.
Mezzanine and ground floor: daily, from 6am to 11:30pm; The Club: daily, from 10am to 11pm.

Nomad Lounge
Opened this year, it has views of the airport’s largest aircraft and a more pop buffet that includes mini-burgers, crepes, hot dogs and even a milkshake station. Access is exclusive to fintech Nomad customers who have made at least US$1,000 (or R$4,900)
in exchange on the platform.
Daily, from 3pm to 11pm.

The Centurion Lounge
Restricted to holders of the highest income American Express cards (Centurion and Platinum), it has a full buffet, as well as a bathroom with shower at no additional cost.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 2445-7112

Visa Infinite Lounge
It offers buffet and à la carte services, as well as a kids area and showers at no additional cost — but the time limit for use is 3 hours. Access is restricted to Visa Infinite cardholders, through the Visa Airport Companion app.
Daily, from 6am to 10pm.

W Premium Lounge
There are two lounges in T3: The Pier is almost at the end of the departure lounge, and the newest one, 5th Avenue, is close to Duty Free. Both offer the same amenities, including a hot buffet and accept LoungeKey, Priority Pass and Visa Airport Companion, but the second promises to be more restricted. In it, separate access costs R$ 350, while in
The first price is R$290.
Daily, 24 hours. (11) 91372-2659. [email protected]

In addition to travel class, airline frequent flyer status and bank and credit card status, there are programs that give access to lounges around the world.

It is linked to credit cards and only offers paid access to the rooms or a limited number of visits per year. Some banks and cards guarantee membership with unlimited access, such as Visa Infinite and Mastercard Black from BRB, Bradesco, Unicred, Santander, Uniprime, Sicood, Sicred, Banco Inter and Itaú Personalité and Private. It’s worth checking with your bank to see what applies to you.

Priority Pass
It is the largest company of its kind, with more than 1,300 VIP lounges in 148 countries around the world. The cheapest plan, at US$99 (R$488) per year, only gives discounts on access, which costs an additional US$35 (R$172) each. The plan with ten visits costs US$329 (R$1,620) per year. For unlimited visits, the annual fee reaches US$469 (R$2,310).

Dragon Pass
Gives access to more than 1,300 rooms around the world. The plan with an annual visit costs US$99 (R$488), with eight visits for US$259 (R$1,278) and with unlimited visits for US$429 (R$2,114).

Lounge Pass
Allows you to purchase separate access to more than 600 lounges in 350 airports. In Guarulhos, it offers access to some lounges — each for US$45 (R$221).

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