Uber’s new subscription program can reimburse late deliveries; see other benefits

Uber’s new subscription program can reimburse late deliveries;  see other benefits

Uber One will cost R$19.90 per month or R$198 in the annual plan Uber app driver Dan Gold/ Unsplash Uber announced this Tuesday (19) the subscription program for special benefits in Brazil. The benefits of Uber One are, among others, travel credits (cashback), free delivery fees and refunds for deliveries that arrive after the deadline. The first month of the subscription program is free and thereafter it will cost R$19.90 per month or R$198 for the annual plan. It should replace Uber Pass which, according to Uber, will no longer be available in the country. See the advantages: 10% Cashback in Uber credits for all Uber trips (including UberX, Uber Black, Uber Comfort, Uber Flash, Uber Taxi, etc.), with the exception of Uber Moto; Free delivery on purchases over R$100 from markets, pharmacies and other specialized stores available on the app; Trips with the platform’s best-rated partner drivers; R$15 in Uber Credits if an order arrives after the expected delivery limit estimated by the app after confirming the purchase; Premium Support with access to real-time support, via chat, with agents; Uber One Exclusive Offers, which include special promotions for members. The amounts corresponding to cashback for trips and the R$15 credit for late orders are available in the user’s wallet in the Uber app. They will be available to be used on future trips and orders. Step by step to join the new program Open the Uber app on your cell phone and tap “Account” in the bottom bar; Then, access the “Uber One” option; Check the program’s terms and benefits and tap “Subscribe to Uber One”; On the last screen, select whether you prefer the monthly or annual plan. Also read Uber releases group trips for passengers with a common destination; see how it will work Understand the function to record video of Uber races What changes for Uber drivers after the court determines hiring? Uber in Europe Uber loses operating license in London Salary of R$38,000? See how to enter the sector Information security on the rise: see how to enter the sector Technology on the rise Company wants to scan the iris of the entire world population to collect data

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