Sefaz and HEMOAM carry out blood donation campaign

Sefaz and HEMOAM carry out blood donation campaign

Solidarity Carnival

Action collected 35 bags of blood this Tuesday (6)

Manaus (AM) – The Amazonas State Finance Department (Sefaz-AM), in partnership with the Amazonas Hematology and Hemotherapy Hospital Foundation (HEMOAM), promoted, this Tuesday (6), the “Solidarity Carnival” campaign and held the collection of 35 bags of blood.

The action aimed to raise awareness among public servants and the community in general about the importance of donating blood. According to Sefaz’s administrative affairs secretary, Alana Tomaz, the campaign is extremely important and is already part of the Secretariat’s calendar of actions every year.

“Blood donation is an act of solidarity and generosity with a direct and significant impact on the lives of other people. Here at Sefaz we always seek to promote donations in internal campaigns. We even have an updated register of our donor servers,”

said the secretary.

For the head of Sefaz’s employee assistance sector, Monique Freire, the initiative, in a lasting partnership lasting more than a decade between Sefaz and Hemoam, reflects the ongoing commitment to promoting a culture of solidarity and social responsibility.

“In the context of the “Solidarity Carnival” campaign, we highlight its relevance, recognizing that Hemoam’s stock may face challenges during Carnival. The active participation of the entire Sefaz team is crucial at this time, helping to maintain adequate supplies of blood and blood products to meet emergency demands”, said Freire.


The “Solidarity Carnival” campaign took place in the Sefaz parking lot and saw the participation of more than 50 volunteers. Those interested were subjected to a prior screening and those who met the necessary requirements made the donation within the Hemoam mobile unit.

Hemoam’s External Collection Assistant Manager, Regiane Medeiros, highlighted the importance of the action. “Sefaz is our great partner in this action to help people who are in need. Blood donation is important for many people who need to undergo treatments, surgeries and emergency care, especially during the Carnival period. So we are very grateful,” said Medeiros.

With this in mind, Sefaz employee Maria Clara Ribeiro, 21 years old, was a donor for the second time and happily commented on her participation in the action.

“It’s something I intend to continue doing. The feeling is very good. And I know that during this carnival period, the amount of blood available for people who need it is very scarce. So I feel very happy helping,”

said the young woman.

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