Second FesPIM brings together diverse people including personalities from industry and politics

Second FesPIM brings together diverse people including personalities from industry and politics


In the opinion of the organizers, FesPIM achieved its intended objectives, starting with the organization, the participation of companies and, mainly, youth

Manaus (AM) – The 2nd edition of the Manaus Industrial Pole Sustainability Fair (FesPIM), jointly organized by the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa) and the Institute of Strategic Socio-Environmental Intelligence of the Amazon (Piatam), was a success and brought together several people, in period from 7 to 9, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, in Brasília.

The event was held amid political discussions surrounding Tax Reform and the (positive) results it would bring to the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM).

In the federal capital, during the three days of the fair, FesPIM 2023 brought together a universe of people, including industry figures, politicians, managers of science and technology institutes (ICTs), names from television and music, university students, students (levels elementary and secondary) and other interested parties (of all ages) in knowing what is produced today at the Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM).

As an instrument of defense and, mainly, of propagating economic development and environmental conservation in the Amazon, the second edition of FesPIM was marked by an exhibition of varied products, innovations at different levels (from craftsmanship to cutting-edge technology), manufactured within the forest by forest people. As highlighted by the superintendent of Suframa, Bosco Saraiva.

“Our feeling is one of gratitude to everyone who was able to attend and enjoy the event, which represents a new format of communication from the Manaus Free Trade Zone to Brazil and the world. Fespim is here to stay and, as I have said, it works as a symbiosis of sustainability with industrial production in the Amazon, in the heart of the forest. And here I want to highlight the participation of companies, UEA (University of the State of Amazonas), institutes that use the IT Law and presented deliveries made from research, development and innovation (RD&I). Our thanks to the federal bench, which is fighting an intense fight in defense of the project and the Amazon people; the press; to Suframa employees for their commitment, professionalism and commitment; to Ekco Produções, represented by Orsine; and, of course, to the Piatam Institute, for the great partnership”,

said the superintendent.

To visitors, Suframa passed on relevant information – via informative materials and institutional videos – about its role as a Local Authority, in Amazonas and in the states of Acre, Rondônia, Roraima and Amapá.

The event took managers and technicians from large and medium-sized companies to Brasília, distributed across 30 stands, in addition to bringing together around 17 big names in the scientific and business world, in Brazil and around the world, in “round tables” (for debates).

In the assessment of the president of the Piatam Institute, Alexandre Rivas, FesPIM achieved its intended objectives, starting with the organization, the participation of companies and, mainly, youth.

“It was extremely important for the public who visited the fair, and also due to the presence of almost the entire State bench at the opening, in addition to the great repercussion in the media, both in Brasília and in Amazonas. We had round tables, which were a tremendous success as they brought several relevant issues to debate. And for me, particularly, the biggest return came from an informal conversation with a journalist, while we were walking through the fair: ‘Professor, I heard from these young people here at the fair that they didn’t know this existed in Amazonas. I thought it was just forest there. I want to study and I want to go work there’. So, that for me was the most positive thing of all,”

confided Rivas.

More in 2024?

The repercussion was so positive that the possibility of holding the third edition of FesPIM in 2024, in the city of São Paulo, will be worked on, as announced by the businessman and executive director of Ekco Produções, Orsine Oliveira. The objective is to promote sustainability in the Amazon region, aligned with the technology that is produced today within the project, in more than 50 years of ZFM.

“The fair is here to stay and will always be an instrument of propagating that our center generates sustainability, preservation of the standing forest, employment and income, taxes and many durable goods. It is almost impossible for a Brazilian not to have a product of his own, in his home, produced in the Manaus Free Trade Zone. And God wanted FesPIM to happen precisely on the day of voting on this reform, at a time when the Brazilian political center was discussing tax exemptions, taxes, capital gains, and here we came to say that, in addition to all this, the Zone Franca generates an environmental gain. Until 2024, in São Paulo!”,

suggested the businessman.

*With information from consultancy

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