PlayStation bets on third-party games for 2024 – 02/07/2024 – Tech

PlayStation bets on third-party games for 2024 – 02/07/2024 – Tech

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In an event held last Wednesday (31), PlayStation gave more details and announced some of the main games on its platforms for this year, as did Xbox recently.

Between the highlights for 2024are the South Korean action game “Stellar Blade”, the launch of one of last year’s main indies, “Dave the Diver”, for the PS5, and the surprise of a free “Silent Hill” now available for download.

Unlike last year, when internally developed exclusives like “Spider-Man 2” were the most anticipated, a flagship for 2024 has not yet been announced by the company.

There was a new trailer for the sequel to “Death Stranding”, by Hideo Kojima (from the “Metal Gear Solid” series), called “On the Beach”, but this one is only expected to come out in 2025.

Kojima Productions is also producing a new “action espionage” game that should act as the spiritual successor to “Metal Gear Solid” following its creator’s split with the franchise’s owner, Konami, in 2015.

Speaking of Konami… The company surprised with the release of the horror “Silent Hill: A Short Message”, free for PS5, and also showed new scenes from the remake of “Silent Hill 2”.

PlayStation also announced that “Foamstars” — a Square Enix game reminiscent of Nintendo’s “Splatoon” — will be available at no additional cost to PlayStation Plus subscribers starting this Tuesday (6), as well as its first online season.

The game was involved in controversy for using artificial intelligence (AI) in its development.

  • On the VGC website, producer Kosuke Okatani stated that most of the content was made by human artists, but that some icons were made using Midjourney, an image creation tool.

“Foamstars”, however, has been relatively well received by specialized websites.

State of Play also revealed “Sonic X Shadow Generations”, scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, and a remaster of “Until Dawn”. It also gave more details about “Judas”, by Bioshock series creator Ken Levine.

The games closest to release are “Legendary Tales” (PS VR2), this Thursday (8), “Dragons Dogma 2” and “Rise of the Ronin”, on March 22. “Dave the Diver” arrives in April.

State of Play had another edition this Tuesday (6) focused only on “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth”, which will be released on February 29th.


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Silent Hill: The Short Message


Released on Wednesday (31) by surprise for PS5, the new “Silent Hill” follows young Anita in search of her friend Maya in a ruined building in a decadent region of modern-day Germany. Despite dealing with sensitive themes such as suicide and depression in a clichéd way, having a memorable monster and a setting reminiscent of the cult “PT” makes the approximately three hours of play worth it.


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  • Xbox reported that “Palworld” is the biggest release from a partner studio in Game Pass history, having been played by more than 7 million players. The CEO of developer Pocketpair, Takuro Mizobe, said in a statement that the feedback collected during early access will allow players to improve their experience on all platforms.
  • Eidos Montreal announced the layoff of 97 employees on the 29th due to the global economic context, the challenges faced by the sector and the restructuring led by Embracer, which acquired the studio in 2022. According to Bloomberg, the developer also canceled a new game in the franchise “Deus Ex”.
  • Following the release of the remastered version of “The Last of Us Part 2” for PS5, the Naughty Dog studio made the documentary “Grounded 2” available on YouTube on Friday (2). The film goes from pre-production of the game to the controversies involving excessive work, a practice known in the industry as “crunch”, and the series produced by HBO.
  • In the documentary, Neil Druckman, co-creator of “The Last of Us” and president of the studio, claims to have a concept in mind to develop a third game in the franchise. “It’s something of its own and yet it has this guiding thread for all three [partes]. So it seems like there’s probably another chapter to this story.”
  • “Hogwarts Legacy”, one of last year’s best-selling games, is expected to receive new updates and features this year. Content that was exclusive to PlayStation players will also be available on other platforms.
  • After days of speculation about the launch of exclusive games for Xbox, such as “Indiana Jones”, “Hi-Fi Rush” and even “Starfield”, on PS5, the CEO of Microsoft’s gaming arm, Phil Spencer, said this Monday ( 5) which will reveal news related to the future of the platform at an event to be scheduled for next week.


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“Helldivers 2”: R$ 199.50 (PS5, PC)

“Legendary Tales”: price not available (PS VR2)


“Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden”: R$299.90 (PS5), R$299.95 (Xbox Series), R$179.90 (PC)

“Dragon Quest Builders”: R$ 119.90 (PC)

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