Notices worth R$16 million will finance cultural projects in Manaus

Notices worth R million will finance cultural projects in Manaus


Competitions cover all artistic segments

Manaus (AM) – The mayor of Manaus, David Almeida, launched, this Tuesday morning (19), two notices of the Paulo Gustavo Law (LPG) with R$ 16 million to finance, in partnership with the federal government, cultural projects in Manaus. The event took place at Casarão da Inovação Cassina, in Praça Dom Pedro II, the historic center of the city.

On the occasion, the head of the municipal Executive reinforced the objective of reaching more and more artists and creators of audiovisual culture and other segments, and assured that Manaus will have even more financial investments.

“We are looking to make change and transformation in the city of Manaus, we have two notices, today that of Paulo Gustavo, and also Aldir Blanc next year, so we will have here something around R$32 million to do local culture, support from the federal government that gives our artistic and cultural class opportunities, and allows us to promote culture, and also from these resources, we can prospect to hold preparatory events for the next #SouManaus”,

said Almeida.

The two LPG notices cover all artistic segments, with the majority of the resources being directed to audiovisual with R$ 11.71 million and the other arts, theater and circus, ethnic culture, popular culture, visual arts, literature, music and dance will receive R$4.3 million. The competitions are coordinated by the Municipal Council of Culture (Concultura), linked to the Municipal Foundation for Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult).

According to the CEO of Manauscult, Osvaldo Cardoso, local culture is experiencing a new moment with investments in small and large events such as #SouManaus Passo a Paço 2023, which had a record attendance of 420 thousand people.

“The reality is that our city’s cultural moment is different, we held the biggest folk festival in history this year, we held the biggest #SouManaus of all time, and now with financial contributions from the federal government in the cultural area throughout Brazil and in Manaus, we will have the possibility of advancing even further”,

said Cardoso, highlighting the next major events promoted by the city hall.

”Later this year we will have Manaus’ anniversary, New Year’s Eve and we are already organizing ourselves so that next year’s #SouManaus is much bigger than this one, we are also going to invest in small festivals in the neighborhoods, and all of this is only possible through management of Manaus City Hall that takes cultural, tourist and major events issues seriously”,


The forecast is to benefit up to 346 projects with LPG notices. They will go through a selection process of analysis and payment of the recipients until the end of the year. The president of Concultura, Tenório Telles, invited artists to participate in the notices and explained that the projects will go through a selective analysis process.

“We have been working since last year so that we could implement a transparent, correct implementation that really benefits artists in our city. Artists will have 20 days to pre-register, register their project, after that there will be an analysis of these projects, and during the month of October, beginning of November, we will publish the results, and our expectation is that by the second fortnight of December we are paying for all the projects that were contemplated”,

informed the president.

Registration for Paulo Gustavo’s notices in Manaus is now open and continues until October 9, 2023. Interested parties can register via the website: .

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