MoviMente Curitiba Gastronomic: Understand the movement

MoviMente Curitiba Gastronomic: Understand the movement

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Boost Curitiba’s gastronomy and make the city a reference in hospitality and good food. This is the goal of MoviMente Curitiba Gastronômica. A plural movement, which brings together different sectors of society in search of solving a pain: the necessary appreciation of Curitiba’s rich gastronomy scene.

Officially launched during the Bom Gourmet 2023 Prize party, on August 28th, MoviMente is coordinated by Abrasel-PR. But, along with the entity representing the state’s restaurants are also Sebrae-PR, Senac-PR, Curitiba City Hall and Bom Gourmet itself. Content creators, representatives of the foodservice sector, owners of bars, cafes and restaurants in the city are also part of the movement.

All these actors together thought, studied and created the strategic plan for Curitiba’s gastronomy. The project, which underwent public consultation in the first half of this year, had its basis built from three meetings with various actors in the capital’s gastronomy. This work was coordinated by the Inovativa Consultoria team, which directed the discussions, organized the ideas and put the movement’s objectives and strategies on paper.

With an eye on 2024, the group’s goal is to organize an event that joins the city’s calendar and marks Curitiba as one of the best gastronomic destinations in the country. Now, MoviMente embarks on an organization stage.

“We want to know and systematize the projects that already exist to promote our gastronomy. The idea is to understand how these actions fit with our planning and make them more effective towards the final objective”, says Marcelo Simões, member of Abrasel and responsible for coordinating the work of MoviMente.

To find out more about MoviMente Curitiba Gastronômica, access the strategic plan.

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