Income Tax 2023: check the refund schedule – 03/15/2023 – Market

Income Tax 2023: check the refund schedule – 03/15/2023 – Market

The 2023 Income Tax refund begins to be paid on May 31, the deadline for submitting the IR statement this year. Shipping starts this Wednesday (15). There are five batches of payments, from May to September.

This year, the priority queue, which includes retirees, people with disabilities, the seriously ill and professionals whose main source of income is the teaching profession, will also have taxpayers who submit the pre-filled statement or choose to receive the refund by Pix.

See the list of priorities in restitution:

  • Seniors aged 80 and over
  • Seniors aged 60 and over; people with disabilities and/or with serious illness
  • Taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching
  • Contributor who chooses to use the pre-filled statement or choose to receive the refund per Pix
  • Other taxpayers

According to the Revenue, when there is a tie in the priority groups, the taxpayer who submitted the IR statement first will receive it before the others.

Income Tax refund payment schedule 2023

Batch Pay day
1st may 31st
2nd June 30
3rd July 31st
4th August, 31
5th September 29th

Who is entitled to the Income Tax refund?

The Income Tax refund is the return of the amount of tax paid in excess by the taxpayer during the calendar year, which in this case is the year 2022. The calculations to find out if there is a tax refund, if the balance is zeroed, or if it is necessary to pay IR, they are done by the program for completing and sending the declaration.

The amounts are paid in batches. The date of receipt will depend on whether the taxpayer is a priority or not and when the declaration was submitted. The correction of values ​​is based on the basic interest rate of the economy, the Selic.

How is the payment of the IR 2023 refund made?

Payment is made according to the list of priority taxpayers. If there is a tie within the same priority group, whoever delivers first receives first. In general, the first two IR batches pay priorities.

The refund is deposited into a checking account, savings account or payment account in the name and CPF of the declarant. Since last year, it is also possible to receive for Pix, as long as the key is the holder’s CPF.

When there are errors that lead to the fine mesh, the taxpayer keeps the declaration withheld and does not receive the refund until he corrects the error and leaves the mesh.

Where to consult the IRPF 2023 refund?

The query is made online, on the Federal Revenue website. The taxpayer needs to inform the CPF number, date of birth and the data requested on the screen. There is also the option of consulting the refund through the e-CAC Portal, which is the Revenue Service Virtual Service Center, and through the Meu Imposto de Renda application. To do this, you must have a password of silver or gold level.


  1. Access the e-CAC Portal and go to “Enter with”
  2. On the next page, enter the CPF and go to “Continue”
  3. Then enter the password and go to “Login”
  4. In “Featured Services”, go to “My Income Tax (Dirpf Statement)”

What to do if the IR refund is not paid?

If, for some reason, the credit does not occur, the amounts will be available for up to one year at Banco do Brasil. In this case, the citizen may reschedule the credit on the website, at or by calling the BB Relationship Center through telephones 4004-0001 (capital cities), 0800-7290001 (other locations) and 0800-7290088 (special telephone number exclusively for the hearing impaired ).

If the taxpayer does not redeem the amount within one year, he must make the request through the e-CAC Portal, accessing “Declarações e Demonstrativos”, in “My Income Tax”, and clicking on “Request refund not redeemed in the banking network”.

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