In Manaus, the VIP Carnival Circuit begins this Saturday (10) with Bloco do Axerito

In Manaus, the VIP Carnival Circuit begins this Saturday (10) with Bloco do Axerito


The event will have more than 12 hours of revelry, in the Nilton Lins parking lot

Manaus (AM) — Bloco do Axerito opens the Manaus Carnival VIP Circuit this Saturday (10). The event will be held from 4pm, in the Nilton Lins parking lot, Parque das Laranjeiras, Central-South Zone of Manaus. The Vip Circuit also has the traditional Bloco do Vieiralves, on Sunday (11), and the Bloco do Parque 10 which will be held on Tuesday (13) during Carnival.

With more than 12 hours of revelry, Bloco do Axerito will have free entry to the track sector, but tickets are also sold for the VIP area and box. Passports for the festivities can be purchased at Ingressosfly. The VIP area costs R$60 and the box costs R$80. More information can be obtained on Instagram @axeritobar or by calling 92 98287-0001.

To lead the carnival party, the production called on eight attractions: Prefixo 92, Daniel Trindade, 100% Abusado, Vanessa Auzier, Dj Evandro Jr and Samba Xote, Forró do Sabiá, Dj Layla Abreu and Dj Toninho.

Vieiralves Block

On Sunday, the 11th, it will be the turn of the most charming Block in the city to invade the Nilton Lins parking lot with a superstructure, comfort and security. There will be more than 12 hours of partying with a line up of 11 attractions: Manaus Frevo, 40 Graus de Amor, Meu Xodó Elétrico, João Victor and Rodrigo Elétrico, 100% Abusado Elétrico, Semper Estrelas, DJ Carol Amaral, DJ Wilk, DJ Noelle , DJ Sandro Souza and DJ Bié.

Tickets are now available at Sympla. However, the production of the event guarantees promotional values ​​for those who put their name on the VIP list and arrive by 8pm. After this time, everyone pays R$50.

The cabin also has a promotional value for those who purchase in advance for just R$50. More information via WhatsApp (92) 98471-6148


“Banda do Vieiralves” started in 2011 through the initiative of a group of businesspeople from the region. However, after four editions, businesspeople simply “gave up” on holding the event due to lack of support, impasses with public authorities and other setbacks. And for this reason, the “band” had its last edition held in 2015.

After two years without carnival events, a group of businesspeople and residents met again and decided to take on the mission by focusing on holding an event with a high standard of organization, transforming the “Banda” into “Bloco”, which had its first edition on Rua Pará and at its debut it already attracted more than 30 thousand people, being voted the “Best Street Group of the Manaus Carnival in 2018”. Due to overcrowding, the event had to be transferred in 2020 to the Nilton Lins parking lot, a place with capacity for more than 100,000 people and where it is still held today.

VIP Circuit

The VIP Carnival Circuit is made up of 8 carnival blocks. This year, the circuit includes Noite dos 7 Desires, Bloco Meu Lugar, Bloco do Decreto, Bloco do Axerito, Bloco do Vieiralves, Manaus Fantasy, Bloco do P10 and Tchau Carnaval, which officially closes the Manaus Carnival VIP Circuit.

The group’s mission is to transform the city of Manaus into one of the references at national level when it comes to carnival festivities.

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