Hotel 5 Billion Stars: What the experience was like

Hotel 5 Billion Stars: What the experience was like

Can all of a hotel’s food service be cooked on the grill, in an outdoor kitchen? The Hotel 5 Billions of Stars responds: Yes. Action by Cervejaria Patagônia, from Ambev, the unusual hotel set up in Soldados do Sebold (in the Serra Catarinense) received three groups of guests during the Sete de Setembro weekend who were able to enjoy the experience of connecting with the “outside world”, Patagonia’s motto.

O Good Gourmet participated in the first class. We had the privilege of experiencing a day at the Hotel 5 Billion Stars and experiencing all the hotel service. catering prepared there, in the center of the camp. From breakfast to soup for supper, the entire menu at 5 Billion Stars was prepared between grills and open fires.

5 Billion Star Hotel
El Topador: barbecue master Antônio Costaguta was responsible for the entire menu executed between bonfires and grills. | Tomazzzoni/Cerveza Patagonia

In charge of the operation is the El Topador roaster. Gaucho Antônio Costaguta – who in Porto Alegre is in charge of Rancho Tabacaray and the project to rescue the culture of Rio Grande do Sul – was responsible for the hotel’s menu. He, and another team of five people, showed that grilled cuisine goes far beyond roasts – although these were also on the menu and highlighted.

From jelly to soup, everything was cooked over coals at the 5 Billion Star Hotel

At the reception, guests were welcomed with a brunch. On the abundant table, highlights were the rib cake, the empanada baked over coals and the smoked garlic jelly – sweet and which went perfectly with the cheeses and sausages that were also on the menu.

To accompany, the entire Cerveza Patagonia line. With a strong relationship with winter and a loyal following in the South and Southeast regions of the country, the brewery has four beers: Amber Lager, Bohemia Pilsener, Weisse and IPA. Each of them fits into its own style, presenting unique levels of body and bitterness.

5 billion star hotel
Rodrigo Hilbert: presenter is an ambassador for Cerveza Patagonia in Brazil. | Ranieri Dallago/Cerveza Patagonia

“We understand that the purpose of this event is a reconnection and this is related to simplicity. The simpler, the happier. But it is necessary to do this in a way that adds value so that the experience, the flavors, are perpetuated. For iso, we try to go through simple things, but with a touch of modernity. Bringing elements that help people travel and also reconnect with their taste buds”, explains Costaguta, El Topador.

Dinner, served by Costaguta after a trail in the region – which was led luxuriously by mountaineer Aretha Duarte, the first black woman in Latin America to reach the summit of Everest -, featured 16 courses. Among them: morcilla, peppers stuffed with provolone, entrecote, beef and pork ribs, roasted fruits, pancakes with dulce de leche and even a pea cream – to warm everyone up before everyone heads to their tent.

For breakfast, more fire. In this case, an iron plate over the fire received the chapati bread prepared by the guests. In the class of Good Gourmetwho led the bread workshop was presenter Rodrigo Hilbert, ambassador for Cerveza Patagonia.

The recipe is simple: wheat, salt and beer until done. After kneading the dough, roll it out into discs and place it on a hot plate to bake. Cheese, bacon, butter flavored with smoked herbs, candied tomatoes and eggs were the filling options. Everything, of course, also done on fire.

Action seeks to expand consumer connections with the brand

This is the second year that Cerveza Patagonia has held the 5 Billion Star Hotel. In 2022, the action was invited only. This time, they made room for fans of the brand to get a day’s accommodation. To this end, receptions were set up in Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Curitiba (19) and São Bento do Sapucaí (SP). To find out where the receptions were, it was necessary to unravel the riddles launched on the brewery’s social media profile.

“We are an Argentine brand with work focused on the South region that has in its essence contact with nature, life in the mountains. This type of event provides this experience for people, this moment of connection with nature and also a strong moment of connecting the brand with consumers”, explains the brand manager of Cerveza Patagonia in Brazil, Eduardo Fernandes.

The project, carried out by the Santa Catarina agency Guru, took five months to get off the ground and involved a team of just over 30 people. For 2024, Fernando still does not promise that the Hotel 5 Billion Stars will open its doors again. “All I can say is that something as special as this is coming, for sure,” says the brand’s brand manager. May good cuisine prepared directly over the fire be present next year too.

*The journalist traveled at the invitation of Cerveza Patagonia.

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