Check if you can receive the PIS-Pasep 2024 salary bonus; SC has 1.2 million beneficiaries

Check if you can receive the PIS-Pasep 2024 salary bonus;  SC has 1.2 million beneficiaries

Benefit worth up to one minimum wage is granted annually to workers and civil servants who meet the program’s requirements; understand. Consultation on the PIS-Pasep 2024 salary bonus is released The Federal Government has opened a consultation on the PIS-Pasep 2024 salary bonus, referring to the base year 2022. The benefit worth up to one minimum wage is granted annually to workers and civil servants who serve the program requirements. ➡️ In Santa Catarina, 1,226,632 workers are entitled to the amount, which can reach a minimum wage (R$ 1,412). The date of payment, the bank of receipt and the amount, including from previous years, are available for consultation on the Digital Work Card application and on the portal (see step by step). All 295 municipalities in Santa Catarina have people eligible to receive it, with the largest number in Florianópolis (108,390), Joinville (101,990), São José (75,254), Blumenau (60,658) and Itajaí (54,214). ✅ Click and follow the g1 SC channel on WhatsApp In general, private sector employees (PIS) and public servants (Pasep) who worked for at least 30 days in 2022 and received up to two minimum wages per month are entitled to the allowance. 📅 This year, the payment calendar was unified: both private sector workers and public servants will receive the bonus from February 15th, according to the month of birth of each beneficiary (see the schedule below). In total, 24.8 million workers will receive the bonus, according to the Ministry of Labor, 21.9 million from the private sector and 2.9 million from the public service. See questions and answers: Who is entitled to the salary bonus? Who is not entitled to the salary bonus? What is the value? How to consult? (step by step) How will the payments be? Questions channel Pis-Pasep Payment Calendar 2024 (Base Year 2022) Established by Law No. 7,998/90, the salary bonus is paid according to the annual calendar established by the Deliberative Council of the Worker Support Fund (CODEFAT). The money comes from the Worker Support Fund (FAT). 1. Who is entitled to the salary bonus? Workers must meet the following criteria to be entitled to the benefit: be registered with the PIS/Pasep program or the CNIS (date of first employment) for at least five years; have worked for employers that contribute to the Social Integration Program (PIS) or to the Public Servant Assets Training Program (Pasep); have received up to 2 average minimum wages of monthly remuneration during the period worked; have carried out paid work for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year of calculation (2022); have the data informed by the employer (legal entity or government) correctly in the Annual Social Information List (Rais) or in the eSocial of the base year considered for calculation (2022). 2. Who is not entitled to the salary bonus? domestic employee; rural workers employed by individuals; urban workers employed by an individual; workers employed by natural persons equivalent to legal entities. 3. What is the value? The value of the salary bonus is proportional to the worker’s length of service in the base year in question. The calculation corresponds to the current value of the minimum wage divided by 12 and multiplied by the number of months worked in the base year. Thus, only those who worked the 12 months of the base year receive the full amount of a minimum wage. This year, the benefit will vary from R$118 to R$1,412. 4. How to consult? To make the query using the Digital Work Card application, follow these steps: Make sure the application is updated; Access the system with your CPF number and the password used on the portal; Tap “Benefits” and then “Salary Allowance.” The next screen will inform whether or not the worker is eligible to receive the benefit. It is worth remembering that private sector workers can also check the benefit status and payment date on the Caixa Trabalhador and Caixa Tem apps. 5. How will payments be made? Payment of PIS (Social Integration Program) to private sector workers is administered by Caixa Econômica Federal. It can be done: by crediting a Caixa account, when the worker has a current account or savings account, or a Digital Account; by credit via the Caixa Tem app, in a digital social savings account, automatically opened by Caixa; in channels such as branches, lotteries, self-service, Caixa Aqui and other payment channels offered by Caixa. The Pasep (Public Servant Assets Formation Program) is valid for public servants, and deposits are made by Banco do Brasil. In this case, payment will be made primarily as credit to a bank account, transfer via TED, via PIX or in person at service agencies, informed the Ministry of Labor. 6. Still have questions? More information can be requested through the Ministry of Labor’s service channels and the units of the Regional Labor Superintendencies, by calling 158 or by e-mail:[email protected] (replacing the digits UF with the acronym of the state of worker). Find out PIS-Pasep rules: PIS/Pasep salary bonus: find out benefit rules and where to consult

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