Cartoon Cake becomes a confectionery trend

Cartoon Cake becomes a confectionery trend

A cake that looks like it came out of a cartoon is the new sensation on social networks and promises to displace the famous Bento Cake in the public’s preference. After all, it wasn’t just the foreign creations that went viral, here in Curitiba, a confectioner saw her clientele triple after a publication in a facebook group just for women.

It all started on a Sunday off, when baker Araí Widor decided to test a technique she saw in her searches on the internet. “When I finished it, I thought it was amazing,” she says. The post on his Instagram page was successful, with more than a thousand likes, a very good number for a page with less than two thousand followers.

But it was a publication in Clube da Alice, a group from Curitiba just for women, at the end of February, that showed the pastry chef all the potential of her creation. In a few hours, the post reached more than 2,000 likes and had hundreds of comments. “It was crazy, I didn’t realize so much inbox and whatsapp contact”, she confesses.

Cartoon Cake: where did it come from?

Tigga MacCormack is the Australian baker responsible for popularizing Cartoon Cake.  Photo: @tigga_mac
Tigga MacCormack is the Australian baker responsible for popularizing Cartoon Cake. Photo: @tigga_mac

It was the Australian baker, Tigga MacCormack, who was the first to go viral on TikTok, with a cake that looks like a cartoon, in November 2022. The publication has had almost 5 million views so far and Tigga has become a kind of technique guru.

But the inventor of Cartoon Cake is Jonny Manganello, from the Netflix series “Is It Cake?”. It was he who first created the optical illusion using stacked cheesecakes and a few tricks with different colored icing.

Manganello said that the creation came about because he “has a lot of time available”.

Market that reinvents itself

cartoon cake
Baker Araí Widor has a busy schedule for the coming months. Photo: personal archive

And it looks like the time left for Mangello will be missing for a lot of people, thanks to Cartoon Cake. This is the case of Araí, who works alone, reconciles the cakes with the children and has a busy schedule.

The confectioner’s production is all done at home, with limited capacity. Since the publication on social networks (02/27), more than 10 cakes have been produced, with no prediction of when it will open space for new customers.

“I’ve heard from many people that the confectionery market is saturated. But products like Cartoon Cake come to show that creation, research and innovation open up space. It’s just a matter of attracting attention and having a personal touch. everyone”.

To get to know a little more about Araí Widor’s work, her page on instagram is: @petitamacwb

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