Can country music and K-Pop enter The Town? Roberta Medina, responsible for the festival, responds

Can country music and K-Pop enter The Town?  Roberta Medina, responsible for the festival, responds

Luan Santana, Ana Castela, BTS, TWICE are some attraction options for the festival. g1 asked the vice-president of the event if there is a possibility of artists from these styles being invited in future editions. Roberta Medina talks about the possibility of K-POP and country music at The Town Bruno Mars’ presentation somehow managed to place country music on a stage at The Town, a festival that ended its five-day program on Sunday (10). On the two nights he performed, his keyboardist, John Fossitt, raised the chorus by playing “Evidências”, by Chitãozinho and Xororó. g1 spoke with Roberta Medina, vice-president of the event, to find out if styles such as country music could be included in the line-up of the next editions. Watch the video above. g1 – Can more popular styles, such as country music, with Luan Santana and Ana Castela, and K-Pop, from Twice and Blackpink and even BTS, be included in the festival’s line-up? Roberta Medina – I think K-pop has great possibilities, it has a lot to do with the availability of artists. It’s a segment that is organizing itself in terms of what makes a tour and what doesn’t make a tour, what kind of characteristics. But without a doubt. Bruno Mars repeats the setlist with ‘Evidências’ at The Town, this time with Xororó in the audience. The issue of country music even entered, via Bruno Mars. We have nothing against country people. Absolutely. It’s a matter of feeling the audience. It’s a more pop rock festival, in terms of curatorial direction. And that’s ok, just like we have Villa Mix, which is an incredible country event and great. The good thing is that the public can have a variety of offerings and everything doesn’t need to be in the same place. g1 – We saw other styles that entered Rock in Rio, such as funk… Roberta Medina – Funk is a good example. Funk entered as it became more widespread and popular, entering a more pop style. And then, it’s a great job from Anitta to pull this front. And today we have great icons, our Ludmilla killing it here. So, it’s a question of the public itself. The trap that is already here in São Paulo is even stronger. I think it’s really cool, when Zé Ricardo, our artistic director, studies behaviors and tastes, he says that “trap is a way for young people to express themselves, just like rock was in my time.” So, oops, let’s go. As much as I don’t know it, I don’t understand it, I don’t need to like it. What we want here is for the public to like it. And again, in a more pop rock vein, which doesn’t stop us from going crazy one day and bringing new things.

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