Brazilians buy more expensive Easter eggs this year

Brazilians buy more expensive Easter eggs this year



Bonbons accumulate an increase of 11.14% in the same period

Anyone looking for chocolates to give as gifts at Easter will likely come across higher prices. Easter eggs rose, on average, 10.33% this year. Chocolates, on the other hand, accumulated an increase of 11.14% in the same period and were the items that rose the most in the basket. This is what the survey by the Economic Research Institute Foundation (FIPE) shows, which brings together typical items of the date. The information is from the O Globo website.

The research was based on average prices calculated weeks before Easter. In 2024, it considered from February 19th to March 17th. In 2023, the costs were researched between March 6th and April 2nd.

Brazilian replaces cod

The surprise in the research is cod, which registered a 2.97% reduction in price. The item is one of the most sought after during Lent and Holy Week.

According to Guilherme Moreira, coordinator of the IPC-FIPE index, the item usually has a price increase at this time, but the behavior this year has been a little different.

But the rise in food prices at the beginning of the year, due to El Niño, affected consumer purchasing power. “Considering that cod is more ‘noble’, there may be a substitution for other cheaper fish, thus holding back these increases a little”, he explains.

Fish increased by 4.38%. Among them, the biggest increase was observed in corvina, which became 8.11% more expensive. Sardines, on the other hand, had deflation of 6.26%.

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