Brazil breaks record with 81 medals at the Cheese World Cup in France

Brazil breaks record with 81 medals at the Cheese World Cup in France

Brazil increasingly reinforces its position among the producers of the best artisanal cheeses in the world. Proof of this is the result obtained by Brazilians at the Tours Cheese World Cup, which began last Sunday (10), in France, and continues until this Tuesday (12). In total, of the 288 Brazilian cheeses entered in the competition, 81 were awarded medals – 17 gold, 23 silver and 41 bronze – 24 more than in the last edition, held in 2021.

In this year’s competition, 1,640 cheeses were carefully examined, tasted and evaluated by a jury of 250 professionals from all over the world, led by Roland Barthelemy, president of the International Cheese Association. The award, the only French competition that accepts cheeses from other countries, evaluates aspects such as appearance, aromas, flavors, textures and balance.

Brazil went to this year’s World Cup well represented by 91 producers from all regions of the country, from states such as Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pará, Ceará, Goiás, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. Registration was collective and carried out by SerTãoBras, a Brazilian non-profit association, which brings together farmers, curators, cheesemakers and researchers specializing in cheese, present at the French competition with a cheese tasting stand, cheese bread and other national specialties.

Another highly competitive award in this edition of the Tours Cheese World Cup was Best Cheesemaker in the World. The Brazilian fans turned to Marina Cavechia, cheesemaker at Teta Cheese Bar, in Brasília (DF), who competed for the podium with 15 other candidates. The winners, however, were the Frenchman Vincent Philippe, the American Sam Rollins and the British Nick Bayne.

The Mondial du Fromage ends this Tuesday (12), when the best cheese in the world will be revealed – chosen from the 12 best cheeses in the competition and evaluated again, this time, by an international committee of 12 judges, chaired by Stéphane Layani, president of the Rungis International Market.

For some of the Brazilian producers who participated in the World Cup, the journey has only just begun. SerTãoBras organized a technical mission of 35 people, which is traveling by bus through the cheese regions with protected designations of origin, from the south to the north of France.


Check out the Brazilian cheeses awarded the gold medal at the sixth edition of the Tours Cheese World Cup, in France:

  • Barão Parmesão 9 months, from Barão da Canastra (MG)
  • Fresh buffalo ricotta, from Búfala Almeida Prado (SP)
  • Santa Brigite Silvânia, from Estancia Silvânia (SP)
  • Valoro Silvânia, from Estância Silvânia (SP)
  • Mantiqueira Blue Cheese, from Laticínios Paiolzinho (MG)
  • Quark Cheese, Laticínios São João (MG)
  • GOA Cheese #14, GOA Products (MG)
  • Aparecido Cheese Matured 12 months, Queijaria Alto da Aparecida (MG)
  • Aparecido Cheese Matured 18 months, Queijaria Alto da Aparecida (MG)
  • Aparecido Cheese Matured 24 months, Queijaria Alto da Aparecida (MG)
  • Caprinus do Lago, Queijaria do Lago
  • Alecrim, Queijaria Santa Vitória (SP)
  • Bálsamo, Queijaria Serra do Bálsamo (GO)
  • Maria Nunes Florida Shell Cheese 50 Days, Maria Nunes Cheese (MG)
  • Traditional Quilombo Cheese from Serro 45-Day Plain Shell, Queijo Quilombo (MG)
  • Traditional Serro Quilombo Cheese aged over 100 days, Queijo Quilombo (MG)
  • Giovanna Cheese, Queijaria Ribeiro Fiorentini (MG)

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