Airlines should present a plan to reduce ticket prices, says minister

Airlines should present a plan to reduce ticket prices, says minister


The Minister of Ports and Airports also criticized what he called “abusive increases” in some sections

Airlines must present, within 10 days, a plan to the federal government to try to contain the increase in the cost of tickets. The statement was made by the Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, who met with airline representatives on Tuesday night (14), in Brasília. The minister also criticized what he called “abusive increases” in some sections.

“We know that the increase in fares is a global issue. In Europe and the United States, we saw an increase in airfares. What we cannot accept and allow are abusive increases that have harmed the Brazilian population”,

said Costa Filho.

What we are doing is talking, looking for alternatives, trying to convince airlines about the importance of lowering ticket prices. In some cases, it’s true, we buy tickets for R$200, R$300, R$400, in some sections. But there are others that went from R$1,500 to R$3,500, R$4,000, which are unjustifiable”, argued Costa Filho. He also recalled that the price of aviation kerosene dropped by around 14% this year.

According to inflation measured by the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), airline tickets, which had already become 13.47% more expensive in September, rose 23.70% in October, causing the biggest impact on the country’s official inflation in last month.

Despite the charge, the minister considered that the airline sector was one of those that suffered most during the pandemic, due to social isolation measures, and that the Brazilian market represents more than 70% of the judicialization of the segment worldwide, with impacts R$1 billion annually for aviation companies.

In a statement, the Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear) stated that it is available to discuss with the federal government ways to encourage the creation of public policies that help more people travel by plane and new destinations are served.

“It is important to highlight that Abear members have joined the Voa Brasil Program and are in line with the government’s objective of expanding the offer of airline tickets at competitive prices. Abear shares information with the Ministry of Ports and Airports about the airline sector scenario and the need to address airline costs. The drop in the price of aviation fuel (QAV), the reduction of judicialization in the sector, the reduction of taxes and the stimulation of competition are essential to further democratize access to air transport.”

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