Afeam financing lines provide opportunities to generate jobs and income for families

Afeam financing lines provide opportunities to generate jobs and income for families

Amazonian economy

Entrepreneurs are achieving promising results in their ventures

Manaus (AM) — Entrepreneurs from Amazonas have gained new income opportunities and expanded their businesses with the support of the State Government through credit financing lines from the Amazonas State Development Agency (Afeam). On the 8th, governor Wilson Lima announced the opening of credit for the year 2024, which has a budget of R$286.5 million.

Whether in any field of professional activity, entrepreneurs are obtaining promising results in their ventures. Entrepreneur Victor Gonzales, 36, expanded the physical structure and number of employees of his company that operates in the food sector, in the Parque Dez neighborhood, in the center-south zone.

“With the line of credit, we were able to make a dream come true. We went from a simple structure to a larger one, where we can serve our customers with quality and comfort. Additionally, we hired more people. If it weren’t for Afeam, we wouldn’t have been able to make this improvement.”

Business expansion is the focus of entrepreneur Anderson Silva, 47, who has a repair and sales store for motorcycle parts and accessories, in the Nova Esperança neighborhood, west of Manaus. With financing from Afeam, he intends to open a new unit later this year.

“We are expanding. Before we had two employees, and today we have 15, and we are already planning to open a new store in another location. This Government participation with micro and small entrepreneurs who are growing through this line of credit is very important.”


According to Afeam, this year’s budget is divided into R$142 million allocated to microcredit; R$80 million for retail credit; and R$44.5 million for rural credit. For these three, resources from the Support Fund for Micro and Small Businesses and Social Development of the State of Amazonas (FMPES) total R$ 266.5 million. Another R$20 million is reserved for credit to medium-sized companies, totaling R$286.5 million.

“The development agency serves small businesses, whether a small rubber factory or a small industry in the industrial transport district. We are in the employment and income generation policy strategy, which the governor has determined since 2019”,

said the CEO of Afeam, Marcos Vinícius Castro.


In 2023, Afeam reached first place among development agencies in Brazil, carrying out more than 14 thousand microcredit operations (with operations up to R$21 thousand), totaling R$128.5 million in invested resources. The national average is 8 thousand applications and R$55 million in investments.

In total, during the Wilson Lima administration alone (2019-2023), there are more than 67.9 thousand operations and more than R$491.3 million invested in this modality.

Access to credit

The entire credit process is done online, through the Customer Portal on the Afeam website ( or through technical partners (Idam, ADS, FPS, Detran/AM, Amazonastur, Setemp, Cetam, Sejusc, Seas, Ciama, Jucea/AM, Sebrae/AM, Senai and Senac).

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