‘Webbullying’ show arrives in Manaus this Friday

‘Webbullying’ show arrives in Manaus this Friday


Tickets are available via the website: www.bilheteriaexpress.com.br

Manaus (AM) – Celebrating 10 years since the creation of Webbullying, Maurício Meirelles presents the relaunch of his project, after a long break and now with something new. The painting returns after five years and the comedian will tour Brazil with the presentation and Manaus is one of the cities chosen to host the project on September 15th at the Teatro do Manauara Shopping, located on Avenida Mário Ypiranga, in the Adrianópolis neighborhood.

“I am very happy to take this show to Manaus. I hope everyone likes what we have prepared and we will find out what this generation Z cell phone that we all “love” is like”,

jokes Mauricio.

On the internet, the Webbulying project has almost 1 billion views. In the frame, the comedian entered his guests’ social networks and made all kinds of jokes with their contacts. The project was so successful that it ended up on TV, being one of the highlights of the program Pânico na Band in 2016.

Now Mauricio Meirelles celebrates ten years of this format, focusing on generation Z:

“Only guests from Generation Z will participate, a target that I have used in my presentations across the country. I want to save the youth, who are very fragile and depressed, needing your digital consultancy”,


Celebrities such as Danilo Gentili, Tatá Werneck, Ana Clara, Valeska Popozuda, Léo Dias, Thiago Ventura, among others who were targeted by Meirelles in the painting.


Tickets are available via the website: www.bilheteriaexpress.com.br

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