See new artisanal bakeries, which are multiplying throughout SP – 02/08/2024 – Restaurants

See new artisanal bakeries, which are multiplying throughout SP – 02/08/2024 – Restaurants

The wave of artisanal bakeries in the capital of São Paulo was reinforced by first-time bakers who emerged during the pandemic isolation.

Now, São Paulo is seeing a new wave of bakeries of this type, which have opened their doors since mid-2023. These addresses invest in smaller-scale production and the use of whole ingredients, without additives, and in levain, natural yeast. Discover eight of them below.

The artisanal bakery was founded by two brothers, Antonio and Luiz Barros, who were inspired by the bread their mother made at home. The duo also got their hands dirty and incorporated national and Italian organic flours into the preparations, in addition to the levain. Some of the options include brioche (R$ 20), baguette (R$ 12) and puff pastries such as pain au chocolat (R$ 14) and croissant (R$ 12).
R. Saint Hilaire, 226, Jardins, west region, (11) 99887-2275, @bakehaus.sp

Casa Trigo
The vocation of being a baker is in Felipe Trigo’s surname and family. His grandparents and uncles, born in Portugal, dedicated themselves to baking when they migrated to Brazil. In 2019, Felipe started making custom breads and, last year, he opened a physical store. His breads are naturally fermented and use wholemeal flour, such as the sliced ​​bread with malt and honey (R$24; 500 g). The classic Italian comes out in daily batches and comes with fillings such as provolone with thyme, for R$20.
R. Fábia, 603, Vila Romana, west region, @casatrigo.padaria

Le Jazz Boulangerie
The Le Jazz group, which has a restaurant and bar, opened a bakery that mixes French and São Paulo traditions. The French side appears in puff pastries such as the croissant (R$ 12.50) and the pain au chocolat (R$ 14). The homemade bread basket comes with butter and fruit jam for R$17.
R. Joaquim Antunes, 501, Pinheiros, west region, @lejazzboulangerie

Opened less than a month ago, the bakery is a pioneer in 100% wholemeal production: the wholemeal flour used in breads and confectionery items is ground in-house and does not undergo any type of sieving. Leading the new development are Hanny Guimarães, who was a baker at Futuro Refeitório, and Carolina Arantes, who prepares ice creams sold in tubs. From the oven come breads such as the homemade one, made only with wheat, water and salt (R$36), and those with seeds, such as buckwheat and oats, gluten-free (R$35).
R. João Moura, 911, Pinheiros, western region, tel. (11) 99577-5432, @lida_padaria

In the window
Right at the entrance you can see journalist Luiz Américo Camargo, who opened the small bakery at the end of November, in Higienópolis. Most of the production is naturally fermented, with batches in the morning and afternoon, and there are options such as 100% wholemeal bread (R$ 23.90), cane (R$ 9.90) and focaccia (R$ 12.90 ).
R. São Vicente de Paulo, 603, Higienópolis, central region. tel (11) 93393-4824, @najanelapadaria

The Rio bakery arrived in Pinheiros four months ago offering naturally fermented breads such as sourdough, a flagship made with dough that rests for 18 hours. It is offered in classic versions, with 40% wholemeal or multigrain flour (R$18).
R. Mateus Grou, 191, Pinheiros, tel. (11) 93277-5332, @nemapadaria

An architect by training, baker Pamela Puertas started preparing natural fermentation breads during the pandemic. After working in bakeries like Árvore do Pão, she opened her own place four months ago. The batches vary each day and include options such as multigrain baguette (R$ 10), wholemeal bread (R$ 22) and zucchini, cheese and thyme focaccia (R$ 20).
R. Barão de Tatuí, 330, Vila Buarque, central region, WhatsApp (11) 99338-1130, @pan_padeira

Housed in a 1960s house, the bakery has Italian and French inspiration, with Brazilian touches. It offers classic long fermentation breads and viennoiserie items. The house is run by photographer André Cunha, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in São Paulo.
Al. Casa Branca, 399, Jardins, west region, @vivant.padaria

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