Ruivinha de Marte releases new single “Bloqueia o Coração”

Ruivinha de Marte releases new single “Bloqueia o Coração”


Music represents a new moment in the career of the singer and influencer

Singer and influencer Ruivinha de Marte releases a new single. Entitled ‘Bloqueia o Coração’, it innovates in a new musical genre focused on romanticism. The song is a serena composed by Dieguinho Azevedo and Glauciane Guimarães, produced by Vittinho no Beat and Atlas Productionse and published by Três Sons publisher and digital record label.

For Ruivinha de Marte, the new single represents a new moment in her career and a watershed moment. “This song is very important for my career, at this moment, because it is a different feel than anything I have ever done. I worked in funk, however, I wanted to migrate to a musical rhythm, in this case seresta, to enhance my voice more, with this more romantic feel. It will be very interesting to release ‘Bloqueia o Coração’ and see the public’s response. I’ve done similar ones, but none of them are 100% serene. I hope that the public also embraces this idea and it becomes a success”, says the singer.

Ruivinha de Marte is a new venture from Fly Produções, led by businessman Marcelo Lins, known for working in the entertainment market in the North of the country with Passe Fly and Ingressos Fly. “We are very optimistic about this new bet and we believe that Ruivinha will achieve great things in Brazil, all with our support and guidance”, says Lins.

‘Bloqueia o Coração’ will soon be on all digital platforms and YouTube with a clip and special appearance by Eddu Oliver, a Manaus influencer known for participating in Carlinhos Maia’s Casa da Barra.

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