Positive assessment of the government by the market drops to 12%, says survey

Positive assessment of the government by the market drops to 12%, says survey

According to data from the Genial/Quaest survey published this Tuesday (19), the market’s positive assessment of the Lula government fell to 12% in September. An 8% drop compared to July. The government’s negative assessment also increased from 44% to 47%.

The government had been showing a trend of increasing positive evaluation until July after having left the 2% level in May. In the same month, the negative evaluation showed signs of falling after going from 90% (in March) to 86%.

The market’s mood also varied greatly among those who think the government is regular. This month, the index stood at 41% with a downward trend, after dropping from 36% in July; 12% in May; and 10% in March.

The numbers also reflect the evaluation of the work of the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad. The minister’s positive assessment went from 65% in July to 46% in September. And the negative rate rose from 11% to 23% in the same period.

The researchers carried out 87 interviews with representatives of investment funds based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The survey was carried out from September 13th to 18th.

For the next 12 months, the expectation of 34% of those interviewed is that the economy will worsen. In the previous survey, this index was 21%. For another 36%, the economy should improve next year. This percentage was 53% in July.

When asked about the direction of economic policy, 72% of respondents said it “is going in the wrong direction.” Only 28% agreed with the government’s economic decisions so far.

According to 57% of those interviewed, the main problem preventing the economy from improving is the “lack of a fiscal policy that works”. For another 22%, the problem is centered on “political interests”.

The majority also disagree with the government’s assessment that this year the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow 3.2%. For 61% of those interviewed, GDP should grow within market expectations, which is 3%.

Even more impressive is the 95% who said they do not believe that the government will be able to close the deficit next year as promised by the economic team.

Another 71% consider the new PAC announced by the federal government as a negative measure.

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