Michel is the new angel of BBB 24 and can immunize another participant

Michel is the new angel of BBB 24 and can immunize another participant


The Angel Trial tested the luck and skill of the participants.

Photo: Globo – Paulo Belote

In the first moment of the Prova do Anjo, those confined had to divide themselves, through a draw, into different groups: Customers and Employees. Customers should create a shopping list for employees, who participated in the competition for the Immunity necklace.

The employees’ objective to win the dispute would be to collect the correct items according to the list in the shortest possible time. Michel completed the race in 71.938 seconds and came out on top.

As a reward for his achievement, Michel participates in the Angel’s Lunch and has the opportunity to invite three more participants to join him. The chosen ones were Isabelle, Ráculo and Giovanna.

For Punishment of the Monster, Michel placed Deniziane and Matteus.

Michel can also choose a participant to immunize. In conversations with participants, the brother revealed that he must immunize Giovana, if Lucas Henrique, leader of the week, confirms that he will not nominate Isabelle Nogueira to Paredão.

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