Komah opens cafe with Korean sweets and savory snacks in SP – 02/07/2024 – Restaurants

Komah opens cafe with Korean sweets and savory snacks in SP – 02/07/2024 – Restaurants

Komah, one of the most renowned Korean restaurants in São Paulo, has just gained its own cafeteria. The house was opened in Vila Madalena, west region, and also works as a bakery.

Just like the restaurant, which is located in Barra Funda, Komah Bakery presents traditional South Korean recipes and ingredients with a contemporary touch. Sweets, breads, savory snacks and drinks are served.

Baker Lorraine Pestana joins the team, alongside chef Daniel Park and partner Alessandro Papi, and prepares three types of bread made with a popular technique in the Asian country, which uses a pre-prepared base of flour and water to the consistency of porridge, and results in a soft dough.

The shokupan is used to assemble sandwiches such as kimchi and grilled cheese, for R$35. The korokke can be fried or baked and has fillings such as pork with kimchi (R$16), vegetables (R$16) and corn and bacon (R$ 18).

Soboro is a sweet bread, with fillings such as bean jam and whipped cream and pumpkin with whipped cream (R$ 15 each). So far, the flagship is the garlic bread, a korokke that contains cream cheese with nirá chives and garlic butter (R$ 18).

In the sweets showcase, there are creations by pastry chef Gabrielly Azevedo, from the Komah restaurant, such as the castella (R$ 26), a light mascarpone whipped cream cake with blueberries, cream legère and blueberry compote.

To accompany, there are drinks such as the black sesame latte, made with a crunchy praline and ingredient paste, mixed with whole milk, simple syrup, mascarpone and ice (R$ 21). Dalgona coffee (R$21), which became a rage after the “Round 6” series, is made with whole milk, coffee, ice and a creamy foam made with caramel and honey.

The café, opened on the 30th, has tables in the lounge and in an outdoor area, next to a clothing store. The space is already small and the cafe accumulates queues within minutes of opening its doors. From the 10th to the 14/2, the house will be closed due to Carnival celebrations.

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