Government notice aims to boost the economy of the Blue Amazon

Government notice aims to boost the economy of the Blue Amazon


Projects will be selected with a focus on generating income in the coastal region

The Ministry of Integration and Regional Development (MIDR) launched, on Friday (15), a notice for projects by federal higher education institutions that aim to reduce economic and social inequalities in the country through income generation in the coastal region. The idea is to boost the economy of the so-called Blue Amazon, which includes the entire Brazilian coast.

Proposals must be in line with the National Regional Development Policy (PNDR), the National Sea Resources Policy and goals aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They must be sent, through the MIDR Electronic Information System, by November 10th.

The notice will allocate R$2.5 million for research in three axes: opportunities and challenges for regional development, based on a blue economy in the Brazilian coastal zone; strategies for municipal management in coastal municipalities, considering regional development potential associated with the blue economy and climate resilience instruments; and platform cooperative strategies associated with the blue economy and regional development.

Research, extension and scientific development projects will be covered by the notice, with financial support worth up to R$ 175 thousand.

According to the ministry, partnerships with educational and research institutions will help create employment and income opportunities and ensure the preservation of natural resources.

“The initiative opens MIDR’s doors to support and discuss, with the academic community and society, projects in coastal municipalities that focus on environmental sustainability and the economic development of regions associated with the sea economy”, highlights the national secretary of Regional and Territorial Development Policies, Adriana Melo.

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