Caprichoso and Garantido put on a ‘show’ at Bumbás rehearsals

Caprichoso and Garantido put on a ‘show’ at Bumbás rehearsals


The first night of Ensaios dos Bumbás, held on Saturday (23), by Bois Caprichoso and Garantido, showed that the 2024 season promises to be different. The public showed up in droves, filling the Sambódromo horseshoe, the bumbás and their official items showed determination and desire to be champions of the Parintins Festival, this year, which will be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June.

The leaders of the Marujada and Amigos do Garantido Movements, responsible for carrying out the rehearsals, with the support of the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy, also presented the common opinion that the 2024 season will be special.

For the president of Movimento Marujada (MM), Rogério de Jesus, known as Roca, the Bar do Boi season this year will be centered on the search for the third title of the Caprichoso boi-bumbá. “So, because of this, the blue guys can hope that we are firmly in search of the third championship. And, for this, the preparation will be here at the Sambódromo and there in Rio Negro, every Friday, and here on Saturdays. So, we are determined to always have great shows on Saturdays here, at Bar do Boi”, he stated.

The president of the Movimento Amigos do Garantido (MAG), Cláudia Santos, stated that the 2024 season, for MAG, began in February, with the movement’s 28th anniversary party. “Red and white fans can expect several new things because the first Curral do Garantido is on the 30th. So, we are already inviting people to our event. Today there’s news, with all the artists from both Garantido and Caprichoso. It has the top artists, the items,” she said.

The Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy, Marcos Apolo Muniz, recalled that the 2024 season started in a frenetic way, with the launch of the Parintins Festival, at Bumbódromo, on Friday (22/03), on Tupinambarana Island, and the start of the Bumbás Rehearsals, on Saturday (23/03), at the Sambódromo, in Manaus.

“Once again the Wilson Lima government has been valuing our culture, carrying out investment work aimed at enhancing the work that is already done by ox artists and, in this way, generating so many jobs and opportunities”, said the secretary. “We already see the house here with a significant public. Yesterday, in Parintins, we also had a beautiful spectacle with more than 15 thousand people and we continue with an intense calendar, which runs until the official date of the festival, on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June”, he stated.

For Caprichoso’s tripa, Alexandre Azevedo, 2024 is an atypical year, because the festival has been widely talked about throughout Brazil. “Certainly, Caprichoso will present a great show for anyone who goes to Parintins and also for those who will watch it on television. Caprichoso is coming very strong to win this third championship. So, you can wait, guys, that Caprichoso comes with Caprichoso standard, as we usually say,” he declared.

The official presenter of Garantido, Israel Paulain, stated that the launch party in Parintins was beautiful and impressed everyone, with the Bumbódromo being overcrowded. “I am very excited, energized, I am very excited about this new moment of Boi-bumbá Garantido, now under the management of president Fred Goes. Guaranteed rescuing its essence, returning to its destiny of being champion and we will enter the bumbodromo to win the 33rd title”, he guaranteed.

Bumbás fans also showed excitement. Fan Karen de Queiroz, of boi-bumbá Caprichoso, said that she was looking forward to the start of the bumbá rehearsals. “Every year I come and, therefore, I come to all the rehearsals. It may be raining, it may be whatever, but I always come. It’s an honor to be able to accompany my ox,” she declared.

Fan Raíssa Teixeira, of boi-bumbá Garantido, also said that she was eagerly awaiting the start of rehearsals. “It’s the start of a season that we’re really looking forward to from Garantido. Two years that weren’t so good, so being here, starting, is a very high expectation,” she said.

The shows

On the first night of Ensaios dos Bumbás, the two oxen drove their respective crowds into a frenzy with their performances, taking turns on stage every hour, from 9pm on Saturday night (23/02) to 3am on Sunday morning (24/ 03).

Toada lifters Leonardo Castelo and Felipe Júnior opened the night at 9pm, singing recent and historic songs from Garantido, in a kind of warm-up for the big shows that would be presented next by the bumbás.

In the second show of the night, at 10pm, it was Caprichoso’s turn to present their great show, with the participation of all the official items. Patrick Araújo (official setter) and Edmundo Oran (presenter) were the first to take the Sambadrome stage with Marujada de Guerra. An apotheotic beginning, which featured the individual items: Marciele Albuquerque (cunhã poranga), Cleise Simas (queen of folklore), Marcela Mariavla (standard bearer), Valentina Cid (sinhazinha) and the shaman Erick Beltrão, in addition to the Black Bull of French, moved by tripa Alexandre Azevedo.

In the second moment of the Garantido show, at 11pm, the individual official items performed, performing the great bumbá show from Baixa do São José. To the delight of the red fans Edilene Tavares (queen of folklore), Lívia Christina (standard bearer) , Adriano Paketá (shaman), Valentina Coimbra (farm lady) and the ox master João Paulo Faria performed.

Then, after midnight, Prince do Boi (master of the ox) shared the stage with Júnior Paulain, in a combination that promises to bring moments of tradition and folklore to the Sambadrome. Then, David Assayag (official lifter) sang accompanied by Batucada. Comando Garantido (official fans) and Garantido Show (official dance group) also completed the Garantido attractions.

The bovine night ended, in the early hours of Sunday (24/03), with Klinger Júnior and Arlindo Neto, two heirs of great names in the blue family. The ox de pano performed again under the command of tripa Alexandre Azevedo, who defends item 10 of the Festival (boi-bumbá evolution). The official fans FAB and Raça Azul, Troup Caprichoso and Corpo de Dança Caprichoso (CDC) Manaus completed the cast of blue attractions.

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