Amazon companies moved R$17 billion in goods until June

Amazon companies moved R billion in goods until June


Amazonas was the State with the highest nominal value of hospitalizations recorded, with R$ 17.9 billion transferred in the acquisition of incentivized national goods

Manaus (AM) – In the first half of this year, a total of R$ 27.8 billion in National Merchandise Entry Protocols (PINs) were admitted in nominal values ​​in the area covered by Suframa – made up of Amazonas, Acre, Amapá, Rondônia and Roraima. The volume represents a slight increase of 0.5%, compared to the same period in 2022 (R$27.6 billion). The data comes from the National Merchandise System (SIMNAC), from Suframa.

With R$17.9 billion transferred in the acquisition of incentivized national goods, Amazonas was the State with the highest nominal value of hospitalization registered between January and June 2023, followed by Rondônia, with R$3.5 billion; Roraima, with R$2.7 billion; Amapá, with R$2.6 billion; and Acre, with R$1.1 billion.

In Amazonas, the dynamics of hospitalization are concentrated in two activities: industry, which represents 51.7% (or R$ 9.26 billion), and commerce, which is equivalent to 44.8% share (or R$ 8.01 billion). In the other states, the dynamics of hospitalization is concentrated in commercial activity: Rondônia with 89.9% (R$ 3.14 billion), Roraima with 95% (R$ 2.53 billion), Amapá with 96.24% ( R$2.47 billion) and Acre with 90.18% (R$1.03 billion).

It is worth highlighting that in Rondônia and Acre, industry and service activities have a higher level of participation than in the other states in which Suframa operates. In Rondônia, industrial activity has a share of 4.4% (R$ 154.27 million) and service activity reaches 5.5% (R$ 190.60 million). In Acre, the service activity corresponds to 4.48% (R$ 51.12 million) and industry has a share of 4.85% (R$ 55.44 million).

The analysis of the internment of goods for the semester confirms the findings of previous assessments in which the growth of two other activities was detected: mining and agriculture. Mining showed an increase in the value of hospitalization, compared to the year 2022, in Amazonas, Rondônia and Acre, respectively, of 15.8%, 27.3% and 472.7%.

Despite this, mining activity has a low share of the total value of hospitalization in each state. Agriculture, on the other hand, showed growth in hospitalizations in the State of Roraima (21.1%) and in Amazonas (9.8%), although it maintains a low share in the total value of hospitalizations in these States.


For the superintendent of Suframa, Bosco Saraiva, the six-month figures for the internment of goods are also important for the Authority to understand and analyze the economic situation in the region.

“The numbers for the first half of 2023 show stability in relation to the result of the internalization of goods achieved in the same period last year. We also expect better numbers in the second half of the year, as a result of the trend towards reducing the basic interest rate by the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee), which began in August. Decision that could be reflected in the recovery of families’ consumption capacity”,


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