Afeam will open credit of more than R$280 million in 2024

Afeam will open credit of more than R0 million in 2024

Governor Wilson Lima announced, this Thursday (8), the opening of credit from the Amazonas State Development Agency (Afeam) for the year 2024, which has a budget of R$ 286.5 million, an increase of 5% compared to 2023, which was R$272.4 million. In these two years, the State Government reached 50% of the target of allocating R$1 billion in development by 2026.

Wilson Lima highlighted that Afeam benefits micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs, with loans with the lowest interest rates on the market and a longer grace period, in addition to having specific lines for rural producers, women, the elderly and people with disabilities.

“Here we have all the financing lines. And how many jobs were maintained or created from the credit operations that were carried out here at Afeam”, highlighted the governor, highlighting that the development policy is important to encourage economic activity and generate jobs and income in the state.

Also present at the announcement ceremony were state deputies Adjuto Afonso, Cabo Maciel and Thiago Abrahim; the judge of the Amazonas Court of Justice, Elci Simões; state managers, such as the CEO of Afeam, Marcos Vinícius Castro; in addition to managers of associations and commerce segments.

According to Afeam, this year’s budget is divided into R$142 million allocated to microcredit; R$80 million for retail credit; and R$44.5 million for rural credit. For these three, resources from the Support Fund for Micro and Small Businesses and Social Development of the State of Amazonas (FMPES) total R$ 266.5 million. Another R$20 million is reserved for credit to medium-sized companies, totaling R$286.5 million.

In 2023, Afeam reached first place among development agencies in Brazil, carrying out more than 14 thousand microcredit operations (with operations up to R$21 thousand), totaling R$128.5 million in invested resources. The national average is 8 thousand applications and R$55 million in investments. In total, during the Wilson Lima administration alone (2019-2023), there are more than 67.9 thousand operations and more than R$491.3 million invested in this modality.

During the event, resources worth around R$500,000 were released for special clients. Financing for this category benefited customers in the commerce, service and industrial sectors, who settled two or more loans with payment of installments on time.

“In agribusiness, interest rates vary from 2.7% to 3.2%. In commerce, they vary from 6% to 10% per year and with flexible deadlines”, informed Marcos Vinicius. “For the largest, up to two million, the interest rate reaches up to twenty percent per year. In other words, Afeam serves all businesses, all segments from agribusiness, industry, commerce and service providers”, added the CEO of Afeam.

Global target of R$1 billion

In 2023, investments in Manaus were R$96.2 million, representing 35% of the budget, while in the interior of Amazonas the resources totaled R$176.2 million, approximately, representing 65% of the amount, with the commerce sector the most demanded by entrepreneurs in the state, representing 60%, followed by the service (21%), rural (15%) and industry (4%) sectors.

In total, there were more than 16 thousand credit operations, a mark that led Afeam to generate/maintain more than 48 thousand economic occupations in the state and exceed the goals established by the State Government for the year 2023, representing 27% of the global goal for the four-year period 2023-2026, which totals R$1 billion.

“My gratitude is profound. And I have no words. Thank you very much to the governor for the opportunity, for the credibility he gives to all of us, not just to me, but to the entire team I know that takes out this loan here”, said businesswoman Sirlene Quaresma, 47, who has had a beauty salon for 10 years old and employs five people. It is the seventh time that she has been awarded, now with R$21 thousand.

Access to credit

The entire credit process is done online, through the Customer Portal on the Afeam website ( or through technical partners (Idam, ADS, FPS, Detran/AM, Amazonastur, Setemp, Cetam, Sejusc, Seas, Ciama, Jucea/AM, Sebrae/AM, Senai and Senac).


In order for more entrepreneurs to have access to credit, Governor Wilson Lima announced the call for new candidates, coming from the competition held by the Agency in 2022, for higher-level positions in the specialties of Agronomy (1), Administration (2), Accounting ( 5), Economics (1) and Systems Development (1). In total, the competition offered 30 places. In March 2023, the first 20 approved candidates took office. As a result, 100% of the vacancies offered have already been filled.

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