Young people, NGOs and civil servants protest against the emptying of the Environment – 05/24/2023 – Ambiência

Young people, NGOs and civil servants protest against the emptying of the Environment – 05/24/2023 – Ambiência

By proposing the withdrawal of powers from the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) and the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples (MPI), the report by Deputy Isnaldo Bulhões Jr. (MDB/AL) on MP 1154/23 sparked alerts from socio-environmental organizations in the country and also from federal technical servants in the area. Both manifested themselves through letters sent to political leaders this Wednesday (24).

“It is important that President Lula and parliamentarians from the allied base position themselves
against this baseless attempt to empty the ministries in less than six months of government. We cannot let the herd pass regardless of which government is
in power,” states a letter signed by 30 civil society organizations and spearheaded by the youth movement Fridays for Future Brasil.

The text highlights concerns with four propositions that transfer competencies from the government’s socio-environmental portfolios to other ministries:

  • responsibility for the CAR (Rural Environmental Registry), used to control deforestation in rural properties – it would leave the MMA for the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services;
  • solid waste management and sanitation, which would go from the MMA to the Ministry of Cities;
  • the National Water Agency (ANA), which would pass from the MMA to the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR)
  • competence over the demarcation of indigenous territories and Funai, which would leave the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples for the Ministry of Justice.

“The breath of softening the resistance with the new management that occupies the Palácio do Planalto, since today there is a democratic dialogue and the servants are not marked as enemies, was the publication of the Provisional Measure (MPV) 1154/2023, which reestablished and strengthened the powers of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, plundered in the last mismanagement”, highlights a letter signed by Ascema, the National Association of Environmental Servants.

“It is necessary to question who is interested in emptying the MMA, breaking policies in the midst of a scenario of climate change and withdrawing a commitment to a balanced environment in these areas”, states the text of the servers.

On Tuesday (23), a demonstration signed by three former ANA directors asked the mayor, Arthur Lira (PP/AL) and the MP’s rapporteur, Isnaldo Bulhões (MDB/AL) that the agency remain in the portfolio. environmental.

“There is no benefit from such a transfer. On the contrary, placing regulation under the ministerial roof responsible for water use works will reduce ANA’s regulatory independence and will certainly harm the sustainable use of water resources and the country’s environmental agenda”, he says. the demonstration.

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