With wide dispute, Chamber elects presidents of 30 committees this Wednesday

With wide dispute, Chamber elects presidents of 30 committees this Wednesday

Parties are vying for the presidency of important commissions in the Chamber, such as the Constitution and Justice, Economic Development and Finance.| Photo: Bigstock

The 30 permanent committees of the Chamber of Deputies will be officially installed this Wednesday (15) by the president of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), with the election of the respective presidents and vice-presidents. There are two scheduled sessions, at 9am and 4pm.

Among the commissions to be implemented are some of the most important, such as Constitution and Justice and Citizenship, Economic Development, Financial Inspection and Control, and Finance and Taxation.

The dispute for the presidencies of the commissions has been intensifying since the beginning of the month, mainly due to the processing of important projects that, in recent years, ended up going to the plenary of the Chamber without going through the collegiates due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And also due to the increase in the amounts allocated to parliamentary amendments of permanent committees, as revealed by People’s Gazette. The 2023 Budget foresees a total of BRL 7.6 billion in resources for this type of amendment.

In 2022, its budget forecast was BRL 329 million. In 2021, there was no forecast. In 2020, there was a forecast of BRL 639 million.

This increase is explained by the agreement reached between the congressmen, still in the previous legislature, to redistribute R$ 19.4 billion in funds that would be destined to the rapporteur’s amendments (RP9), known as “secret budget”, which were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Federal Court (STF) last year.

Of the BRL 7.6 billion provided for in the 2023 Budget for the RP8 amendments, BRL 6.5 billion are linked to the Senate’s Regional Development and Tourism Commission (CDR).

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