Wife of Comando Vermelho leader was at the Ministry of Justice

Wife of Comando Vermelho leader was at the Ministry of Justice

Luciane Barbosa Farias, known as the “Amazonian drug lady”, member of the criminal faction Comando Vermelho, was received twice this year by advisors of Minister Flávio Dino, in the building of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, in Brasília, according to the investigation. newspaper The State of S. Paulo. She participated in two hearings with two secretaries and two directors from Dino’s portfolio in the short period of three months, although her name does not appear on the official agendas.

The Ministry of Justice admitted that the “citizen”, as Luciene was referred to, was in fact received by minister Flávio Dino’s secretaries, as part of a delegation and that, therefore, it would have been impossible for the intelligence sector to have detected her presence . In general, ministries usually include information about all participants in meetings with authorities, even due to security measures.

On March 19, Luciane met with Elias Vaz, Flávio Dino’s National Secretary of Legislative Affairs. Shortly afterwards, on May 2, she met with Rafael Velasco Brandani, head of the National Secretariat for Penal Policies (Senappen).

At the May meeting, Luciane joined the Ministry of Justice as president of the Associação Instituto Liberdade do Amazonas (ILA), an NGO defending the rights of prisoners. According to the Amazonas civil police, the NGO works on behalf of inmates linked to the criminal faction. The organization would also be financed with drug money.

Luciane’s husband is Clemilson dos Santos Farias, Tio Patinhas, who was number one on the Amazonas government’s wanted list until he was arrested in December last year. They have been married for 11 years and were convicted in the second instance of money laundering, association for drug trafficking and criminal organization.

Luciane operated as the financial arm for her husband. “She also played a fundamental role in concealing values ​​originating from drug trafficking, acquiring luxury vehicles, properties and registering ‘orange companies”, states the state’s Public Ministry. Her performance earned her the trust of the Red Command leadership.

Currently, Clemilson is serving a 31-year sentence in Tefé prison (AM), but after being sentenced to ten years, she is free to appeal.

According to the Amazonas Public Ministry, Clemilson has “a reputation as an extremely dangerous individual, with contempt for the lives of others”. The criminal is also known for his violent methods – in April 2019, the sign “I owed Uncle Scrooge” was on the face of a man who was found dead in Manaus.

Clemilson and Luciane got married on October 30, 2012, when she opened a beauty salon that, according to investigators, was used to launder drug money. In December 2015, Luciane’s income tax declaration showed assets worth R$30,000. The following year, it rose to R$346 thousand, an increase of 1,053%. The couple’s economic power comes from drug trafficking.

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