Video: President of the 8/1 CPI associated PT with corruption – 05/25/2023 – Power

Video: President of the 8/1 CPI associated PT with corruption – 05/25/2023 – Power

Elected this Thursday (25) as president of the January 8 CPI, federal deputy Arthur Oliveira Maia (União Brasil-BA) campaigned for Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and even associated the PT with corruption and delays during the elections from 2022.

At a rally in the city of Guanambi (BA) on October 25, for example, Arthur Maia spoke of “corrupt politics led by the PT” and told Bolsonaro that the voice of the people was “the voice of God, captain”, after the audience chant “Lula, thief, your place is in prison”.

The choice of Arthur Maia for the command of the CPI formed by deputies and senators was sponsored by the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and by the leader of the União Brasil group in the Chamber, Elmar Nascimento (BA).

At the rally in Guanambi, the parliamentarian took the stage alongside Bolsonaro and not only asked for a vote for the re-election of the then president, but also said that the PT was associated with delay and policies that intend to transform Brazil into a “great Venezuela”. .

In a video posted on his social networks in the second round of elections, Arthur Maia guided his voters to vote for Bolsonaro, stating that he had always defended the liberal economy and that, therefore, he could not agree with “the socializing model of the PT” which, in his words, brought so much poverty to Brazil.

In the second round of elections, Lula beat Bolsonaro in Bahia with 72% of the valid votes.

Despite his support for Bolsonaro, Arthur Maia took to social media to congratulate Lula on his victory, emphasizing that this was the choice of the majority of voters, in addition to condemning the coup attacks on January 8.

According to PT members and Arthur Maia’s allies, he has since sought to soften the discourse and create bridges, so much so that until today he has one of his nominees in charge of the 2nd Regional Superintendence of the state-owned Codevasf, in Bom Jesus da Lapa (BA). .

Under the command of the leader of the government in the Senate and former governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner, the local PT has tried to nominate a replacement, but has not succeeded so far —and, according to PT members, with the choice of Arthur Maia for the presidency of the CPI, a exchange becomes more unlikely.

A Sheet sought the parliamentarian directly and through his advisory this Thursday afternoon, but was unable to contact until the publication of this text.

With the definition of the command of the CPI on January 8, all four parliamentary commissions of inquiry installed in this legislature by Congress will have in their command deputies who were aligned with Bolsonaro.

In addition to the mixed CPI on January 8th, the Chamber installed three CPIs — the MST, Americanas and Apostas Esportivas. These three committees are presided over, respectively, by Lieutenant-Colonel Zucco (Republicans-RS), Gustinho Ribeiro (Republicans-SE) and Julio Arcoverde (PP-PI).

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