Tweet deceives when stating that Paulo Guedes returned to the board of BTG Pactual – 03/17/2023 – Market

Tweet deceives when stating that Paulo Guedes returned to the board of BTG Pactual – 03/17/2023 – Market

The post that says that Paulo Guedes returned to the board of BTG Pactual after leaving office to be Minister of Economy for Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and that the bank owns the BR fuel stations is misleading. The publication, verified by the Comprova Project, exaggerates by stating that the institution owns Banco do Brasil’s debtor portfolio. BTG was, in fact, assigned a portfolio, but not all of BB’s credits.

Guedes, who was one of the founders of Banco Pactual in 1983, was no longer at the institution —which was renamed BTG Pactual in 2009— since 1998. “no relationship” with the institution.

In addition, the company that owns the BR gas stations is Vibra Energia, which is publicly traded and does not have BTG Pactual as a partner, according to the bank’s advisory.

The tweet analyzed here also points out that BTG Pactual owns Banco do Brasil’s credit portfolio. This information proceeds, as the credit report was sold to the bank at the end of 2021. At the time, the procedure was questioned by the CGU (Controladoria Geral da União), on the grounds that the assignment of the credit portfolio to BTG took place without the “due justifications” of the market.

To the CGU auditors, Banco do Brasil declared at the time that it followed strict governance processes for the assignment and that it had legal advice and monitoring of the process by a risk committee.

The report contacted, by email, the communication office of Banco do Brasil and asked if there was a transfer of the institution’s credit portfolio to BTG. The state bank confirmed the existence of this operation and said there were no irregularities in the transaction.


Comprova investigates suspicious content with greater reach on social networks. The verified post had 49,200 views, 928 shares, and over 2,300 likes as of March 16.

What the person responsible for the publication says

Contacted via private message on Twitter, the author of the profile @gil_alcon, who describes himself as “PT, Lula and anti-fascist” repeated that Guedes maintains a relationship with BTG Pactual.

How do we check

The first step was, through Google searches, to find reports, such as those from Piauí and InfoMoney, about the relationship between Paulo Guedes and the companies mentioned in the post. Different company websites and BTG Pactual’s press office were also consulted.

What can we learn from this check

Disinformers often create conspiracy theories and “present” bombastic information. When the content of a post that was not published by professional vehicles brings something that seems to be very incredible involving the political universe, be suspicious. Search for the terms used in the publication on search engines and see if trusted sites provided the information.

why do we investigate

Comprova monitors suspicious content published on social networks and messaging apps about public policies and elections at the federal level and opens investigations for those publications that have achieved greater reach and engagement. You can also suggest checks via WhatsApp 11 97045-4984. Suggestions and questions related to questionable content can also be sent to Sheet via WhatsApp 11 99486-0293.

Other checks on the topic

Paulo Guedes has already been the focus of other Comprova checks, such as the post that deceives when he says that he, when minister, announced a reduction in pensions and other benefits from the INSS and the one that lies when he says that he published a tweet criticizing the National Congress .

The investigation of this content was carried out by Folha, Portal Norte and Correio Braziliense and published on March 16 by Projeto Comprova, a coalition that brings together 41 vehicles to check viral content. It was verified by O Popular, Plural Curitiba, Estadão, NSC and Poder360.

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