TV releases image of woman who accuses Daniel Alves and lawyer revolts

TV releases image of woman who accuses Daniel Alves and lawyer revolts

Channel 8TV, from Catalonia, released on Wednesday (24) images of the 23-year-old woman who accuses Daniel Alves of sexually assaulting her on December 31, in a Barcelona nightclub.

The whistleblower’s identity has been kept secret since the beginning of the investigations and no image of her had been shown by the international media so far. The Brazilian player has been imprisoned since January 20 at the Brians 2 Penitentiary Center. He denies what happened and tries to respond to the accusations in court in freedom.

The images of the young woman were broadcast on the program “El Circ“. The attraction showed a video of the images from a security camera at the Sutton nightclub in which it is possible to see the woman talking to a friend. on the night of the incident, a characteristic that could easily identify who the woman is.

The publication of the images was heavily criticized by Ester Garcia, the complainant’s lawyer. In a note, she claims that the dissemination of the video is “sensationalism”, bringing “irreparable damage” to her client, in addition to being “ethically and morally reprehensible its leaking, broadcasting and publication”, which may constitute criminal and civil infractions. .

The rape accusation against Daniel Alves continues to reverberate in both Spain and Brazil. The 40-year-old player gave testimony twice to the Justice, but ended up contradicting himself five times, according to an article published this Friday by the portal Uol. The Brazilian first said he did not know what the semen found in the bathroom where he allegedly raped the young woman was about. When asked if he had masturbated there, he opted for the right to remain silent. Asked by the judge if the DNA tests would prove that the genetic material found inside the complainant’s vagina was his, he replied “no”.

Still in his testimony on January 20, Daniel Alves went back and stated that he received oral sex from the woman in the bathroom of the nightclub and ejaculated, but denied that there was penetration. On the 17th, however, he told the Justice that, yes, penetration had occurred. He claimed that he gave different versions to try to hide the infidelity of the woman, the model Joana Sanz, with whom he is in the process of divorce.

understand the case

Daniel Alves had his arrest decreed on January 20. He was arrested while giving testimony about the case of sexual assault against a woman in the early hours of December 30. The Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for the 40-year-old athlete’s preventive detention, without the right to bail, and the holder of the Investigative Court 15 of Barcelona accepted the request, ordering the detention. Pumas, from Mexico, terminated the contract with the player on the same day, claiming “just cause”.

The accusation refers to an episode that allegedly took place at the Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The athlete, who defended the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar, allegedly locked, assaulted and raped the whistleblower in a bathroom in the VIP area of ​​the nightclub. The complainant looked for her friends and security guards at the club after the incident. Collected material found traces of semen, both internally and on the whistleblower’s dress.

The security team at the nightclub called the Catalan police, who took a statement from the victim. A camera worn on a police officer’s uniform accidentally recorded the victim’s first version of the case, corroborating what she said in the official statement. The woman also underwent a medical examination at a hospital. Daniel Alves left the scene before the police arrived.

According to the Spanish press, the contradiction in the right-back’s testimony was decisive for the country’s Public Ministry to ask for arrest and the judge to accept. In early January, the player gave an interview to the program “Y Ahora Sonsoles“, from Antena 3, in which he confirmed that he was in the same nightclub as the woman who accuses him, but denied having touched the complainant without her consent and said that he did not even know her.

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