Students from Amazonas win silver in the 12th National Economics Gymkhana, in Maranhão

Students from Amazonas win silver in the 12th National Economics Gymkhana, in Maranhão


UEA’s Economic Sciences course already has its fifth trophy in national economics competitions

The student duo Guilherme Elias Luiz Custódio and Yudi Lopes Ishihara won second place in the 12th National Economics Gymkhana, representing Amazonas and the State University of Amazonas (UEA) before 43 pairs of students from across the country.

Considered the biggest competition among Economic Sciences students, the National Economics Gymkhana took place this year in the city of São Luiz, in Maranhão, with the coordination of the Federal Economic Council (Cofecon). And it was part of the programs of the 25th Brazilian Economic Congress, held from November 7th to 9th.

The Economic Sciences course at UEA already has its fifth trophy in national economics competitions, after the last achievement of 1st National Place in 2018, once again establishing itself as the university that won the most trophies in the history of the competition.

This year’s winning duo highlighted that the moment is one of happiness, fulfillment and gratitude for this important achievement. “We are very pleased with our performance, to see the positive repercussions of those who believed in us, with all the praise and wishes for success. We feel accomplished with this historic achievement for the UEA Economics course.”

They thanked their teachers for the teachings, their families for the encouragement and their friends for their total support in participating in the gymkhana. “We hope that the next generations of students at our university will take this moment as an example to test themselves at the top of the Economics competition and bring more prestige to this beloved educational institution”.

About Gymkhana

The National Economics Gymkhana brought together around 80 students from various states in Brazil, in São Luiz, with the opportunity to understand the economic situation of a country, through a fun and intelligent simulation.

As a result, in addition to learning and networking, participants were able to make practical applications of knowledge and participate in an intense competition, with lots of celebration, each time they advanced in the matches.

To reach the national stage, the students went through the regional stage consisting of two phases: in the first, they answered questions through a card game, having just one hour to gain the maximum points; on Monday, they recorded a video about the formation of the interest rate.

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