Sicupira collection will be exhibited in Curitiba museum

Sicupira collection will be exhibited in Curitiba museum

Some items from the history of Sicupiratop scorer in the Athletico and legendary football player from Paraná, will be displayed at the Paraná Sports Memory Center of the Sports Secretariat (Sees) of the Government of Paraná.

The exhibition will officially open this Tuesday (19) with the free event “Ei Craque”. The meeting will be attended by guests, such as former players and former coaches Capitão Hidalgo, Levir Culpi and Nivaldo, and an interactive round table will be mediated by journalist Osmar Antônio.

“We didn’t know what to do or just get rid of their items. And the State Sports Department has this sports memory center which is really cool. They got in touch asking if we could donate some items from the trajectory from my father. We decided to donate it so that everyone has access. There wasn’t much left, because my father, during his lifetime, gave many things to those who asked or lent them”, explained his daughter Flávia Sicupira.

Among the objects will be balls, trophies, shirts, work materials from the period in which he was a radio presenter, as well as other items from other sports, as the Furacão idol was also a truco player and professional fisherman.

Sicupira passed away in November 2021, aged 77, due to lung problems.


Free event: Sicupira Collection – “Hey Craque – Reliving the history of Paraná football”
Date and time: September 19th, Tuesday, at 3:45 pm.
Local: Sports Secretariat Auditorium – Rua Pastor Manoel Virgínio de Souza, 1020, Capão da Imbuia neighborhood, Curitiba-PR.

Sicupira statue should be ready in 2024

The “Craque da 8” statue is well underway. The mold for Sicupira’s image has been produced since the beginning of the year. The family has been closely following each stage. The sculpture should be inaugurated in May 2024 and will be displayed in Praça Afonso Botelho, in front of the Ligga Arena.

“The statue is ready to be made. There are several stages. Now, it is in clay, then it goes to wax, to bronze and, finally, to assembly. In principle, it would be ready in December, but we want to do something really cool and we plan to open it on his birthday, May 10th”, said Flávia Sicupira.

Sicupira.| Archive/Gazeta do Povo

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