Senators criticize Lula’s ordinance that revokes Bolsonaro’s agreement on working on holidays; central celebrate

Senators criticize Lula’s ordinance that revokes Bolsonaro’s agreement on working on holidays;  central celebrate

The senators, Rogério Marinho (PL-RN) and Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI), criticized this Wednesday (15) the Lula government’s ordinance that revokes authorization from former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) regarding work on Sundays and holidays in the commerce sector.

According to the ordinance (n. 3665) published yesterday (13) in the Official Gazette, workers in the segment will only be able to work on holidays with authorization from the Collective Labor Agreement. In practice, the measure gives more power to unions.

In the opinion of Marinho, who is leader of the opposition in the Senate, the change in the rule is an “attack” against the economy, “harms workers and employers” and is yet another measure by the Lula government “in favor of the old and rotten trade unionism”. . The senator intends to propose a law to reverse the effects of the ordinance.

“When Lula said that next year there would be fewer holidays, he was already plotting against Brazil and in favor of the old and rotten trade unionism. PT sabotages the economy and promotes regression. Result: ‘Lula prohibits direct trade agreements on working on holidays’”, she wrote on her profile on X (formerly Twitter).

Senator Ciro Nogueira, who also used the social network to criticize the measure, said that the revocation of the direct agreement between employers and employees, which had been provided under Jair Bolsonaro’s government, increases the costs of companies in the commerce sector.

“The PT government decided late at the end of the year to increase the costs of 5.7 million companies in the commerce sector with a stroke of the pen that began to require authorization from unions – to empower union members – in the case of work on weekends. This rule was made more flexible by President Bolsonaro to allow free negotiation between employers and employees, aiming to reduce costs for consumers and guarantee jobs. We will take the appropriate measures to stop this attack on Brazil”, he pointed out in X.

This Tuesday, (13) the National Confederation of Commerce Workers, CNTC, had celebrated the measure, which according to the note, was the result of a collaboration between unions and confederations, who defended, together with Minister Luiz Marinho, the need to “ repair a historical error” which, according to the confederation, “began under Michel Temer’s government, when the legislation that guaranteed the right of commercial workers to negotiate working conditions on holidays was disrespected”.

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