Parliamentarians say that there are already talks between the two houses of Congress to make new changes to the text approved by the House.| Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado

The Senate awaits the end of the vote on the fiscal framework by the House, which is still analyzing this Wednesday (24), possible changes in the text approved the night before, to try to articulate new changes.

For Senator Oriovisto Guimarães (Podemos-PR), the tendency is for the rapporteur for the matter in the Senate, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), to seek to make changes in consensus with leaders of the Chamber, to prevent them from being overturned by the deputies.

“Although it is still waiting for the final wording, the proposal signaled by the Chamber seems to me to be still weak”, said Guimarães to the People’s Gazette. He informed that there are already conversations between the two Houses to define the final format, even with the tendency to maintain the opinion of the current rapporteur, Deputy Cláudio Cajado (PP-BA).

Senator Flávio Arns (PSB-PR) follows, in turn, the government’s effort to place the Basic Education Development Fund (Fundeb) outside the limitations of the new fiscal rule.

“If the Chamber fails to do this, there is a group of senators willing to fight for Fundeb’s defense. Education is the country’s most important public policy and needs special treatment,” he said.