Senate approves MP of the Program to Combat Sexual Harassment| Photo: Roque de Sá / Senado Agency

The Senate Plenary approved, this Wednesday (15), the provisional measure that instituted the Program to Prevent and Combat Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence and other Crimes against Sexual Dignity in schools and within public administration.

The proposal was approved in the form of the Conversion Bill (PLV) 2/2023 and reported by Senator Teresa Leitão (PT-PE). With the approval in the House and Senate, the matter now goes to the sanction of the Presidency of the Republic.

The MP was edited in the previous government, but the proposal was only approved by the deputies, after an agreement with the evangelical bench that demanded restriction of the confrontation actions for students of the public education system in kindergarten and fundamental education. Another change was to cover other crimes of a sexual nature and not just harassment, as provided for in the initial text of the MP. Thus, the text starts to reach other sexual crimes, such as harassment and rape.

According to the proposal, the program will aim to prevent and face the practice of sexual harassment, against sexual dignity and all forms of sexual violence within schools, as well as public bodies and entities. These institutions will be responsible for training professionals, producing educational campaigns and creating actions and strategies aimed at preventing and confronting this type of crime. Training materials will be made available by the Executive Branch.