See the millionaire loss of São Paulo after the fall in Paulista

See the millionaire loss of São Paulo after the fall in Paulista

The elimination for Água Santa in the quarterfinals of the Campeonato Paulista represents a loss of R$ 1.2 million to São Paulo’s coffers.

The club projected in the budget for 2023 that it would reach the State final, just like last year, but fell early in the knockout stage.

The tricolor team should receive, therefore, at least R$ 1.65 million in prize money if it won the runner-up. The title is worth R$ 5 million in bonus.

However, São Paulo finished in sixth place and pocketed only R$ 450,000. The team commanded by Rogério Ceni was behind the semifinalists and São Bernardo, who had a better campaign.

Off the pitch, the club received R$ 6 million for the series of concerts performed by the British band Coldplay in Morumbi. That was why the game against Água Santa had to be held at the Palmeiras stadium.


Based on the figures from the last edition, São Paulo could have an extra net income of up to R$ 5.87 million if it advanced in the tournament.

The projection is based on the box office numbers that the club recorded in the semi and final games of 2022. The duel against Corinthians had 53,924 thousand fans and a profit of R$ 1.4 million, while the first leg of the decision against Palmeiras had 60,383 thousand payers and earned R$ 4.47 million for the team’s coffers.

São Paulo also missed the opportunity to guarantee participation in the 2024 Copa do Brasil for the State. The new regulation of the competition foresees vacancies only for the first five placed in the general table of Paulistão.

An eventual absence in the 2024 Copa do Brasil would make the loss of the tricolor team even greater. For comparison purposes, the tournament will pay this year’s winner up to BRL 91.8 million.

Therefore, there are now four ways for the club to win a place for the next edition of the Copa do Brasil: finishing in the classification zone for Libertadores in the Brazilian, winning the Copa do Brasil, the Sudamericana or the Copa Paulista this year.

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