see Spotify recommended playlists

see Spotify recommended playlists

Preparing meals and listening to music is routine for many people. Part of the explanation for this association may lie in the Sonic Science study for the Spotify audio platform. According to the study, almost 20% of people tend to be more involved in cooking while listening to music or podcasts. Thinking about this audience that turns on the sound even before chopping the first ingredients, Spotify shared with Good Gourmet a playlist for cooking.

There are four playlists and two podcasts for cooks and the like to have fun between pots and knives. Check out!

For Brazilian music fans

The menu may even be international, but on the Cozinhando em Casa playlist the music is Brazilian. In it, the listener finds MPB classics such as in spite of you, Back in Bahia It is One more from Carnival.

To sing and dance

Pop, pop and pop. That’s what the playlist singing in the kitchen delivers in each of the tracks that compose it. Great for those who want to do a little dance between stirring the pan and another, this playlist features Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé.

For when the kitchen goes to the backyard

Farofa, garlic bread and grilled meat. the playlist sun and barbecue it’s for that day when the kitchen ends up in the backyard and lunch doesn’t have time to leave. In the list of songs, pagode, sertanejo and funk.

For good drinks and unpretentious snacks

You know that night when we invite friends over for good drinks and some unpretentiously prepared snacks? Well, this playlist here helps to complement the climate of the meeting. In it, you hear from hits as Flowers, by Miley Cyrus, to Brazilian ballads, such as About No Want Meby Seu Jorge.

kitchen and music
According to a study by Sonic Science, almost 20% of people tend to be more involved in cooking while listening to music or podcasts. | bigstock

To laugh and be inspired at lunchtime

According to the Sonic Science study, podcasts have been listened to more at lunchtime. For pop culture lovers, Sportify’s suggestion and the podcast A Milkshake Named Wanda which brings news, gossip and opinions about the world of entertainment with good humor.

If your beach is more towards self-knowledge, the platform invites you to listen to the podcast feed your sun. In it, in episodes of less than five minutes, presenter Suellen Massena helps expand the ideals of well-being, rescuing ancestral teachings and valuing small changes in daily habits.

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