see recipe for quindim with a taste of Paraná

see recipe for quindim with a taste of Paraná

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Quindim de Pinhão: seed replaces coconut.| Photo: Disclosure

It’s pine nut season! And just when you thought you had already seen everything prepared with this seed, behold, another dish appears. Proving that pinion can compose a complete yes mine. It is even worth betting on a dessert with pine nuts.

Here, the proposal is a pinion quindim. As? The coconut comes out and this seed comes in, which is the face of Paraná. The recipe for dessert with pine nuts is by chef Alexandre Vicki, professor of classic cuisine at the European Centre.

Check out the recipe below and risk a sweet with a Paraná flavor for this weekend!

Pine nut quindim

Alexandre Vicki


  • 300 g of pine nuts, cooked and chopped into small pieces
  • 300 g of sugar
  • 480 ml of water
  • 16 sifted yolks

Method of preparation

  1. Cook the pine nuts and chop them with a knife until they are in small pieces.
  2. Make a light caramel with water and sugar and leave it at room temperature.
  3. Add to the caramel, the sifted egg yolks and the pine nuts.
  4. Mix well and place in muffin molds greased with butter and sugar.
  5. Bake for approximately 30 minutes at 180°C in a water bath and covered with aluminum foil. Let it cool to draw and serve!
  6. Note: depending on the oven, it may take longer to bake. Make sure the dough is firm before taking it out of the oven.

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