Secretary leaves Prerogatives after Dino’s appointment – 04/01/2023 – Panel

Secretary leaves Prerogatives after Dino’s appointment – 04/01/2023 – Panel

A heated discussion on Friday night (31) at Prerogativas led to the departure of the legal group of lawyer Augusto Botelho, national secretary of Justice.

The trigger for the chatter via WhatsApp was the intention of the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, Botelho’s hierarchical superior, to appoint lawyer Marilda Silveira as a collaborator.

Silveira was responsible for actions in the past against President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), including the one that prevented him from assuming the head of the Civil House in the government of Dilma Rousseff, in 2016.

Dino wants her to be responsible for interviewing candidates for positions in higher courts.

The discussion put on opposite sides members of Prerogativas more connected to the PT, who found the nomination absurd given that history, and other members who said that she has a solid curriculum and credentials for the task proposed by Dino.

At one point, Botelho said that, given his connection with Dino, he could no longer remain in Prerogativas, of which he was one of the most prominent members. Angered, he left the group.

Prerogativas, created as a WhatsApp group critical of Lava Jato, has around 250 members, practically all of whom are aligned with the Lula government.

The group’s coordinator, Marco Aurélio de Carvalho, said he hoped that Botelho would reconsider his decision.

“Augusto has our affection and our respect. I hope he re-evaluates the hasty decision to leave the group that has supported him so much in recent years”, he said.

According to him, it is natural that there are differences. “The important thing is to remain united in the task of rebuilding and reconciling the country. We continue to trust Minister Flávio Dino and the choices of this government that we helped to elect”, stated Carvalho.

Sought by the Panel, Botelho did not respond.

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