Santa Casa: Protest calls for removal of counselor – 05/24/2023 – Daily life

Santa Casa: Protest calls for removal of counselor – 05/24/2023 – Daily life

In a mobilization carried out this Wednesday (24), directors and students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa asked for the investigation of suspected irregularities in the conduct of former state deputy Tonico Ramos, chairman of the board of trustees of the Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Foundation ( FAVC), which maintains the institution.

Tonico Ramos is accused of bullying, interference and using the foundation’s corporate card and facilities for private and political purposes. The complaints were forwarded through a representation to the São Paulo Public Ministry in March.

Sought by the report by telephone this Wednesday, Tonico Ramos did not respond until publication. In March, he told Sheet have not committed irregularities. “I called an extraordinary meeting after this notification from the Prosecutor’s Office, and the foundation determined that we form a committee to clarify this. The committee will respond,” he declared.

Initiated at 9:30 am, the mobilization was joined by professors, and the students performed in front of the Faculty of Medicine, in Vila Buarque, in the center of the capital. According to a Military Police team that accompanied the act, around 70 people participated in the demonstration outside the building and a lane of the street was obstructed by security measures.

In the estimate of the organizers of the act, 300 students joined the demonstration, which takes place in the middle of an institutional crisis of the foundation.

“They [os estudantes] pay college. If they want to stop college or classes, it’s their right. We do not agree with everything that is put by them. What we ask for is an investigation”, said the dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, José Dolci.

According to Dolci, the crisis began when numerous employees and students filed complaints with the foundation’s supervisory board against Ramos. In the text of the complaint, the former deputy is accused of having used FACV machinery to print campaign pictures, in addition to trampling on guarantees of the statute.

“We want the Public Prosecutor’s Office to interfere in this,” stated Dolci.

In a statement, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said it had launched a preliminary inquiry to investigate suspected irregularities. “There is a divergence as to who should assume positions as directors of the foundation, and the minutes that deal with the matter are being evaluated by the 1st Registry of Deeds, Documents and Legal Entities”, he said in a note.

Rector Dolci reaffirms that Ramos’ intention is to maintain control over the executive board, which has been generating friction between the directors. The vice-president of the executive board, Luiz Eduardo de Arruda, claims that the former deputy would have tried to remove him from office on two occasions without the due procedures that the foundation’s statute provides.

“I want to preserve the foundation, which maintains one of the colleges listed among the largest in the area of ​​medical sciences. There cannot be a complaint and it be shelved. Against whoever it is, it’s nothing personal”, said Arruda.

During the act in front of the building on Rua Dona Veridiana, close to Largo da Santa Cecília, students asked for Tonico’s removal and the reformulation of the foundation’s governing body. “We have directors and advisers who are not in the medical field and, in Tonico’s case, interfering in academic matters,” said student Melina Houlis, president of the academic center.

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