RN lives another dawn of terror and criminal police officer is shot dead

RN lives another dawn of terror and criminal police officer is shot dead

Friday night (17th) and early Saturday morning (18th) were marked by more violence in the Rio Grande do NorteIt is. This was the fifth night of attacks carried out by a criminal faction that operates in drug trafficking in the capital, Natal.

During the early morning, criminals with guns in hand expelled residents and set fire to three houses in a neighborhood of the city. In the criminal action, four hooded men wearing bulletproof vests expelled nine residents from the three houses, all from the same family.

As informed by Brazil Agency this Saturday morning, a 77-year-old woman was pulled out of bed with a gun pointed at her head. In another criminal action in Grande Natal, a criminal police officer was shot dead in another attack. According to the police, the crime happened around 9:30 pm in a commercial area. Family members reported that the criminal officer was hit with three shots in the arm, leg and chest. He was rescued and taken by the Military Police to the hospital, but he could not resist his injuries and died.

104 prisoners

According to Secretary of Public Security of Rio Grande do Norteuntil 6 pm this Saturday, 104 people they had been arrested. In total, since last Tuesday (14), 29 firearms, 87 explosive devices and 23 gallons of gasoline, in addition to 11 motorcycles and two cars, money, drugs and ammunition have been seized. Theft items were also recovered. Among the prisoners are fugitives from Justice and people who use electronic anklets in illegal situations.

United security forces

With the arrival of National Secretary of Public Security, Tadeu Alencar to the state this Friday, the Governor Fatima Bezerra said that the integrated action of the security forces of the RN together with the National Force is a demonstration that the State will continue “untiring in taking the necessary measures to restore peace and public order throughout Rio Grande do Norte”.

In addition to the national secretary of Public Security, on Thursday also arrived in Rio Grande do Norte, the National Secretary of Penitentiary Management, Rafael Velasco. Military police officers and the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Norte joined members of the National Force in various parts of the city and in integrated actions to combat the latest events that devastated the state.

Under the coordination of State Department of Public Securitythe reinforcement will reach approximately 500 men and women sent by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Transfers to federal prisons

In response to the criminal attacks, a new action by the Penitentiary Cooperation (Focopen) of the National Secretariat for Penal Policiesorgan of Ministry of Justice and Public Securityfederal criminal police transferred nine more prisoners from the Rogério Coutinho Prison, located in the Alcaçuz Complex, to the Federal Penitentiary System (SPF). The operation was supported by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration. Since the beginning of the crisis, there are already ten state custodians transferred to federal penitentiaries.

The removal was carried out at the request of the Public Ministry of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and the local government, and authorized by the Penal Execution Court.


Those in custody are accused of commanding crimes such as homicides and drug trafficking. In addition, they are also involved in escape plans and attacks on public and private property in Rio Grande do Norte. Transferred prisoners can stay in any of the five federal units located in Catanduvas (PR), Campo Grande, Mossoró (RN), Porto Velho and Brasília. In the Federal Penitentiary System, prisoners will be isolated in individual cells, with monitored visits and only in the classroom, and with strict security procedures.

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